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NEW Collection

It's here ... Say Hello to the NEW Collection, Wings of Hibiscus. I can't believe how fast April came around and now we are in May!? Where has the time gone!? One minute I am preparing the Collection and Website Launch, then we are two weeks into the launch and now a week into a new month!

What a great start to Spring/Summer with the launch of the New Collection. Fresh designs, more floral luxury and a Fabulous New Collection of Fabrics, Art Prints and Homeware across the website...

Frantasia Haze Wings of Hibiscus Collection. Fabrics and Giclee Art Prints. Bold, Floral Designs. Harrogate Interior Design.

I absolutely adored working on this collection and had some wonderful creative time designing new elements and working with a new flower focus, the Hibiscus! And what a beautiful flower you are!

So, where did the inspiration come from for the new collection!? Well, I am continually inspired by nature and I am always visioning new collection ideas and have a long list of flowers I would like to study and use within my designing. But, I have an instinct of ... That's the one ... And the Hibiscus flower, was 'The One'.

The Hibiscus flower is such a stunning detailed and delicate flower with beautiful colour. I have seen the Hibiscus flower over the years and think it's absolutely amazing and that we would have to work together one day! I adore it's tropical wild appearance, delicate details and bold elegance it holds, of course along with the vivid colour! My imagination had all these design ideas and away I went working on the new collection ...

Frantasia Haze Fabric Design Studio. Surface Pattern Design. Floral Patterns. Bold and Floral Luxury Fabric Collection.
From Sketch to Pattern Design

The New Collection consists of five Exclusive Designs, Wings of Hibiscus, Hibiscus in Bloom, Hibiscus Trail, Summer Jazz and Sunshine Hibiscus. Wings of Hibiscus was the first design to the collection and the first hand-drawn elements I visioned and sketched for the first pattern creation. I wanted to use a mix of the bold tropical petal elements along with the delicate details within the flower and capture the wild delicacy that I creatively captured and visioned for the designs.

You may have noticed or be wondering why the name, Wings of Hibiscus!? Well, within a few of these designs, I added a delicate butterfly wing as a soft complimenting feature. This decision came from seeing a beautiful butterfly fluttering away, while the Hibiscus flower bloomed beautifully one Summers day. I had to add this element in somewhere as it was part of the inspiration... But can you spot it!?

Here's three of the Exclusive Designs from the Collection ...

Frantasia Haze Floral Fabrics. Hibiscus in Bloom, Hibiscus Coral. Interior Fabrics. Bold and Bright Curtain Fabric. Patterned Fabric.
Hibiscus in Bloom, Hibiscus Coral
Floral Fabric. Luxury Interior Fabric by Frantasia Haze. Bold Patterned Curtain Fabric.
Wings of Hibiscus, Hibiscus Breeze
Hibiscus Trail, Summer Glow Interior Fabric. Luxury Frantasia Haze Interior Fabric Design. Fabrics and Interiors. Bright and Bold Curtain Fabric. Harrogate Interior Studio.
Hibiscus Trail, Summer Glow

It was another wonderful creative challenge for me designing this new collection and it's always a surprise even to myself what designs are created and how they continually develop. Just the same as when I am creating the Art Print designs. I usually say to myself, have an art illustration day and just see what happens... And there you have it, over a few weeks of using the hand-drawn elements to design and create a range of exclusive art prints, editing and tweaking details, the collection is born and all work beautifully together. Perfect for mix and matching prints, (Which I love to do) ...

Frantasia Haze Giclee Art Print Collection. Floral Art Prints, Floral Wall Decor. Bold Art Prints.
Wings of Hibiscus Giclee Art Print Collection from £14.99

I hope you love the new collection and designs as much as I do, it is always lovely to hear from you about the new designs and all the lovely comments about which is your favourite and why. So, be social and let me know.

If you have any questions about the New Wings of Hibiscus Collection, just contact the Studio, we always love hearing from you!

Speak Soon,



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