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A BIG HELLO from the Studio

What a few months and start to the New Year ... And now it's June! A BIG Hello from the Studio ... I can't actually believe it was December since I last posted on the Blog. All I can say is that it's been such a busy time, I haven't realised the time! But I am back to it and I have lots to talk to you about!

So, how are you!? Hasn't it been lovely to have some beautiful warm weather, see that smiling sunshine and see nature start blossoming into all it's glory!? We've all been waiting for these Summer days and they have been well worth the wait!

Frantasia Haze Design Studio
Studio Day's

With nature's beauty enwrapping our gardens and parks again, with it, brings a wave of new inspiring and a creative buzz. This time of year is my absolute favourite, the colours, scents and serenity spring summer brings is everything to my creative process and it's what helps bring my designs to life. I have been taking advantage of these beautiful summer days and evenings to soak up natures energy and use it to inspire the work I do. As well as taking me time moments and mindfulness days to keep me balanced.

Beautiful nature walk
Inspiring Walks

Frantasia Haze has had full focus on the New Collection, it's been an intense few months, I decided to slow down with the collection, as during the design process, new ideas and design elements were changing as I was working. I was excited about what the new ideas were developing into and with a little more creative time and a mindfulness approach across the whole process, has brought a collection together that I couldn't be more proud of. And I can now welcome you ... Azalea Bloom!

Floral Interior and Textiles Fabric

It's about Blooming time as well! But it's here and I can now celebrate this beautiful new collection with you, so, what do you think!?

You can find five exclusive fabric designs in the Azalea Bloom Collection along with a Fabulous collection of hand-drawn Giclee Art Prints. So, what are you waiting for!? ... Grab a coffee, take five and enjoying browsing the New Azalea Bloom Collection!

Look out for the next Blog Post, it's all about the New Collection!

Speak Soon, L x


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