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Let's Blooming Celebrate ...

My anticipated new collection, Azalea Bloom is finally here, let's celebrate!

It seems a long time ago since the beginning of Azalea Bloom started. It's been a wonderful creative journey and a collection that has changed Frantasia's Haze's design process with huge developments in designing and towards our creative approach. Our continued inspiring art and floral studies has introduced a delicate new style and through this long creative process, has brought a collection together that I couldn't be more proud of... Azalea Bloom!

Frantasia Haze Floral Interior & Textiles Fabric Collection

In this Exclusive Collection, you will find five Beautifully Floral Fabric Designs and six Bold and Beautiful Giclee Art Prints. All these individually hand-drawn elements have been inspired by my studies of the Azalea flower. A flower I chose to focus on because of its pure natural beauty and stunning details, not to mention it's endless colour palette.

Like many, Azalea's are one of my favourite flowers, I had such a wonderful time studying this beautiful flower and transferring my inspiring finds within nature back to the studio where I started designing elements for the new collection. After weeks of individual hand-sketched illustrations, it was getting closer to bringing the elements to life through designing the next exclusive collection.

Azalea Flower, Photograph by Frantasia Haze
Inspiring Walks

Floral Illustrations by Frantasia Haze. Surface Pattern Designer Harrogate

Each new design started with a creative vision, a vision for a showstopping collection, that not only inspires with it's individuality, but also inspires to create a living you are inspired to live in everyday! To wake up and be surrounded by details and colour tones that automatically lift your mood and start your day as it means to go on! Being positive and embracing your bold and beautiful, feeling you can be yourself, especially in your own space!

Azalea Bloom has a collection of designs and colour tones for you to create your inspiring everyday living! From our Signature Design, Azalea Bloom to Lanta, Tissima June, Pia May or Luteum. Each design has been delicately hand-drawn and the most sumptuous colour palette has been used to bring the 'WOW' to each delicate print! And with our Art nouveau twist, this Collection is a collection that will continue to show-stop for years to come with it's individual character and timeless floral details, bringing the modern day design and introducing a timeless energetic elegance!

Floral Interior Fabric by Frantasia Haze, Harrogate

Floral Art Print by Frantasia Haze

So, what do you think!? ... I always love to hear all your lovely comments and feedback, so please do be social and let me know your favourite design and why!? Browse the Full Collection HERE!

Speak soon,



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