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Curtain Fabric

Wanting to make a Showstopping pair of Curtains for your Interiors, but your not sure which fabrics to choose!? Don't worry, Frantasia Haze is here to give you all the information you need!

Choosing fabric can be big decision, especially when you have so much choice. It can sometimes feel like a mind field of questions to think about before the decision is made. Shall I go for Chenille or Cotton? Or do I go Shimmer Velvet or Luxury Linen!? Which fabric will fall or drape better, what are the fabric qualities!? Like I said... A lot of choice with a lot of questions. But no need to worry, all your questions can be answered here at Frantasia Haze!

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It's all about Curtains at the moment at Frantasia Haze and, well, to be honest ... It's always about Curtains! Metres of Fabulously Floral Fabric in every room, Yes Please! Draping luxury Chenille or Cotton Half Panama in your Bedroom of Bliss, Divine Dining Room or Luxury Open Living Escape!? How could you not!?

Where to start!? Well, when you have decided your room theme, chosen your Fabulous Floral Frantasia Haze Fabric Design, it's now time for the big question ... Which fabric!? Frantasia Haze offers five of the Finest Interior Fabrics to work with, Chenille, Cotton Half Panama, Shimmer Velvet, Luxury Linen and our Classic Cotton. All of which could be used for making the most Showstopping Curtains! Let's look at the fabrics in more detail with our Top 3 Curtain Making Fabrics ...

Frantasia Haze Floral Fabric. Interior Fabric. Floral Curtain Fabric.

Chenille, one of the most luxurious fabrics to work with in the interior industry. With it's distinctive grain and luxury soft touch, Chenille is one of the most popular choices for a mixture of interior uses, including Curtains! It's a heavyweight fabric, hard wearing and durable, making it ideal for sewing up the most Fabulous Curtains. Being a heavy weight fabric, it holds it's self well when gently draped into position using curtain tie backs. (Trust me, I know, I have two beautiful Chenille Curtains in my home, the Master Bedroom and Dining Room... Just LOVE them!)

Cotton Half Panama, another highly popular fabric in the interior industry! This fabric also has a beautiful grain to it and hangs beautifully being a medium weight fabric. Cotton Half Panama has more movement to it and is slightly more fluid, draping well as Curtains and it a fabulous fabric to work with. (It's one of my favourites!)

Now for Shimmer Velvet, of course an absolute stunner in the Fabric Industry, a fabric that never fails to WOW! It's a highly luxurious and sumptuous fabric with a characteristic shimmer, it's just beautiful! And any Curtains created using Shimmer Velvet would be a Showstopping Feature! Our Shimmer Velvet has a short pile velvet with a stick backing which makes it incredibly easy to handle. The shimmering finish to this fabric is Stunning, the colour print is rich and the fabric will bring texture and warmth into your room!

Choose any three of these Fabrics and you will not stop staring at your Curtains!

So, there you have it ... Three of our Finest Fabrics that will make you the most Showstopping Curtains with the Fabulously Floral Frantasia Haze Designs!

If you have any question about any of the Frantasia Haze Designs or our Finest Fabrics, just get in touch with the Studio... We love to hear from you!

Speak Soon,

L x


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