Say Hello to the Frantasia Haze Homeware Collection! A Fabulous collection of those luxury finishing touches you always need around the house that Frantasia Haze would not live without. It is these finishing touches that complete your interior and make your house feel like a home, from candles, vases, and ornaments, they all make the look and create your style. So, Shop the Frantasia Haze Homeware Collection and bring the Unique, Contemporary and Stylish look home!


 The Frantasia Haze Homeware Collection has been exclusively handpicked and selected to be ‘The Accessories’ to complete ‘The Look’. Perfect accessories that style match beautifully with our exclusive Fabrics and interior design looks. Shop our full range of fabrics and accessories to create your showstopping look and contact the Studio today.

copy of Porcelain Eucalyptus Candle Pot

  • These beautifully scented two-tone glazed porcelain candle provides a stunning colour tone glaze in blue and green stone hues and an effortlessly delicate scent of eucalyptus. A perfect fit for any interior style!


    Collection: Frantasia Chic

    Design Ref: Porcelain Eucalyptus Candle Pot / 47999

    Size: Approx 9 x 9.5 cm high



    Orders can take up to 14 days