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Looking for fabric that will indulge you interiors in luxury and bring a smile to your face every time you walk into the room!? Well you don't need to look any further! The Frantasia Haze Top Design, Fuchsia Lilly in Fuchsia Tropics is 'The Design' to bring you all the indulgent luxury you could need!

Fuchsia Lilly is indulged in delicate floral silhouettes wrap around Fuchsia and Lilly flowers with embracing stem twists. Enriched with beautiful colour ... vibrant fuchsia cerise pink, lilac lavender tones, luscious greens, sweet mandarin orange and touches of honey lemon and eye catching azure!

Not only is this design deliciously enchanting, it holds itself with it's elegant silhouettes and subtleties which define it's design and make it a Top Design. How can this not bring showstopping luxury to your interiors!

Fuchsia Lilly is the first design to the Fuchsia Lilly Collection and brings new twists and elements to the Frantasia Haze fabric design range. Using my hand-drawn elements and bold characterful visions, creating a unique and inspiring print. With a heavenly colour palette of, Fuchsia Tropics, Maya Sky, Skylight Summer and Butterfly Silk. A design which will work with so many interior spaces and styles, the colours and details will elevate and enchant any room, adding a talking point of character. Whether it be a home living room of luxury or a contemporary bar and restaurant with a twist ... You can make it happen with these showstopping designs!

Loving the latest design!? Loving the Look!? Why not order a £2 Fabric Sample and see this stunning design come to life with these beautiful details and colours in all it's glory!

If you have any questions about this fabric and would like to know more, get in touch with the Studio, we would love to hear from you!

Speak Soon, L x


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