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Top Achievements 2020

What an extraordinary year 2020 has been in many ways and yes I know it's only the second week of November and there is still chance new top achievements could happen before the new year. I just wanted to write about these two achievements as knowing how fast time seems to travel, before I know it, it will be December, then New Year and I have a very long to do list by then! And even through one of the most difficult and strangest years we have all had to deal with (Covid), I wanted to celebrate the good that has happened, even through the bad. So, for now, for Frantasia Haze, I am so happy and proud to say, we have been lucky enough to celebrate some of our Top Achievements so far!

Starting the year off was an exciting trip to Birmingham to collect the Frantasia Haze SBS, Small Business Sunday Award from Theo Paphitis himself. An award in which businesses enter and Theo himself picks winners for his Small Business Sunday Award. Celebrating small to large businesses, helping to increase individual brand awareness and bringing businesses together in all sectors.

I still remember the day I found out I had won and all the wonderful support I received over social media, it was such a wonderful feeling and an award I will always remember. Getting to travel down for a full day of networking, meeting so many talented businesses and have the opportunities to be involved in presentations and talks with invaluable advice from many business experts. Not forgetting the finale, actually receiving my award from Theo and having the famous photo! (Even if I was completely windswept and my hair changed from perfectly maintained to flyaway thanks to the rain down pour within two minutes of my arrival), but nevertheless, I brushed myself down, tried to look like I had made an effort and just went for it! What a Day to remember!!!

It was an amazing few days and a fabulous event, I'm so happy Frantasia Haze has been picked by Theo to be apart of this Fabulous group. I got so much invaluable advice from so many business experts and I met some wonderful businesses, which I hope to possibly work with in the future. An inspiring day and a massive achievement for Frantasia Haze. I am proudly placing my Frantasia Haze Award on my office studio wall, which as you can see has the perfect space to fill, my office wall is growing with inspiration and work that brings a smile to my face every time I walk in : )

Such a perfect start to the year and wonderful achievement for Frantasia Haze to receive within our first year of the business being launched. This award gave Frantasia Haze and I a super uplift that inspired us to continue on our creative journey for the business. From this achievement in February, I was super excited to get on the way with the new collection launch which happened in April, and what a launch it was! The second collection to the Frantasia Haze Designs and a significant collection for me as a designer. This collection has been super popular and I have been so happy so many of you have loved my use of colours, floral details and creative style, for you to love my designs like this is a massive achievement in it's self and one I will forever have as my Top Achievement!

Throughout the year we have been working hard developing the website, designs, future products and projects. To then receive our latest Top Achievement, #4 Interior Design Company, that's right, Creativepool crowned us this in October, what a crown to have!

This was some more exciting news for Frantasia Haze, I was super happy to let you all know Frantasia Haze has been ranked by Creativepool as the #4 Interior Design Company for the industry. How Fabulous! Calculated by a number of factors including, award wins, client reviews and project likes, Frantasia Haze now has an exclusive Top Ten Industry badge added to our creative profile and we have been added to the exclusive Top 10 listing page, highlighting the best in interior sector.

This means so much and I am super happy that Creativepool have recognised Frantasia Haze and spotlighting the brand and what Frantasia Haze offers in the interior industry is amazing! Another fabulous achievement for Frantasia Haze and one that I will get straight up on the Studio Wall.

It's brought a massive smile to my face writing this post and remembering these two top moments Frantasia Haze and I have had, not to mention the continuous top moments I have every week with my customers, followers and being able to bring my designs to life! All I can say is a HUGE THANK YOU to YOU ALL and to Theo Paphitis for the Small Business Sunday Award, also to the SBS Team for a fabulous event and presentations. Lastly, to Creativepool for the latest acknowledgment and achievement being crowned #4 Interior Design Company. A title we are extremely proud to shout about and one we hang proudly in the Studio! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Bring on 2021... New challenges, new achievements and a new creative journey! L x


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