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Time to Relax

When it's time to relax it is always a must have for a cushion, how can you not!? Cushions are the home furnishings must have for relaxation and they bring that cozy comfort to the room. That snug hug feeling!

You might have noticed a few changes to the Frantasia Haze cushions, well ... Frantasia Haze has decided to continue our roots of being a passionate about supporting local UK businesses, helping the planet and priding ourselves on the highest of qualities. Because of this, I have decided to bring the cushion creating back home to Harrogate and using only the best UK independent businesses around.

Printing our signature designs on the finest of fabrics, from Chenille, Cotton Warp Satin to Shimmer Velvet and Cotton Linen. Creating the finishing touches of luxury with our contrasting cushion piping and handmade fabric buttons. Not forgetting our luxury recycled and organic natural cushion backing fabric, that highlights the front print beautifully, I absolutely adore working with all of these fabrics!

I am so happy to be bringing our original and handmade cushions back for all the Fabulous Frantasia Haze customers. Although the Frantasia Haze silk cushions have been popular and are beautiful too, I wanted to bring the actual cushion making closer to home and use more of a variety of fabrics. It also means Frantasia Haze has been able to bring a fabulous new price for our signature cushions, now starting from only £52.99.

Over the next few weeks, I will be working on the photography for the new cushions and getting these up on the website, so bear with me on that one. With slight delays in receiving fabrics and materials needed, it will be a slower process of creating the designs and changing the images. But I am super looking forward to showing you the new cushion designs and photography, I think you will love them!

I will let you know when the first cushion designs are out and the new images are made with a blog post very soon! If you have any questions in the meantime, get in touch! Contact Me!

Speak Soon,

L x


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