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The New Design Has Landed

It’s here … My latest design to the Jungle Flower Collection has landed and is now available! So, I am super excited to welcome you… Tulip Twist...

This pattern design was inspired by my previous designs in the Jungle Flower Collection, as I was developing these first patterns I begun visioning elements for another design…what is now, Tulip Twist.

The pattern is more simplistic in this design, I chose to leave more background space and have a stronger focus on the individual pattern and shape itself. I am really happy with how it has turned out and I have enjoyed working on a different pattern design than my previous ones. This design shows another side to my designing style and I am looking forward to seeing where my visionary adventures go in my pattern designs.

For this Fabulous Tulip Twist design, I have chosen a beautiful colour range, you can find this design in Teal, Crisp White, Purple Sorbet and Evening Blue. All these colours just seemed to work so beautifully together and mix and match perfectly. All four colours complement each other in subtle beautiful ways and have striking yet charming elements, which are perfect characteristics for the Jungle Flower Collection.

I have printed on Luxury Cotton Twill for my previous designs, but this design I went for a Luxury Cotton Linen, which is absolutely beautiful! The quality of the fabric is fabulous and the grain detail when printed looks amazing. I love textures and to see the small details in the fabrics bring the print to life and give it the matching character it deserves.

Very soon I will be adding a Sample Option to my fabric patterns so you can see how beautiful they are for yourself. I am really looking forward to adding this availability to the website... I will keep you updated!

So there you have it, my new design is here and my Jungle Flower Collection is slowly growing... I have another four designs to launch before the collection is complete and two of them will be launching very soon!

Speak Soon,

L x


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