The House Challenge

What have the last four weeks looked like? … Well it has been a house challenge weekend catch up really, we have been too busy during the week and we have had a few weekends filled with Weddings and Birthdays. So, on the odd evening we have tried to fit in some decorating and with the weather being so nice it has been brighter, which has made it easier.

One of the focuses has been the hall way, I chose to paint most of the hallway in Sailors White, a beautiful shade of white which has a soft grey tone that adds a subtle warmth to the entrance hall. I wanted to match this Sailors White with antique brass tones, used for the light switches and plug sockets. I had this beautiful mirror which I knew would work perfectly in the hallway, it was originally a rustic metal, but I bought a beautiful antique brass gold paint which I brushed over the frame and it has worked fabulously…

I am planning on adding some antique brass frames with some pressed flower art in the entrance hall, which I am still on the lookout for as well as a small side table. You know when you have an idea in mind, but you cannot find it anywhere, that’s me at the moment… I have a vision but haven’t found the actual piece of furniture yet, but this is one of the house missions for August!

The living room is really coming together, the wallpaper has been ordered… finally… it feels like it has been a long time waiting, but I made quite a few changes to it and obviously samples after samples it is ready and ordered. Very excited, I am looking forward to showing you the finished wall!

I have been adding little finishes to the room with accessories I know will work, obviously going with a ‘Jungle’ theme, plants have to be a must, I have picked some feature cactus plants and an indoor coconut tree, I know … I didn’t know they were a thing but … it looks great!

The next task I am starting is the master bedroom, I am really looking forward to starting this as I have decided to go quite bold with colour. Midnight Navy, Polished Pebble and an orange tone which I am still deciding on, at the moment it is between a dark rich tone or something a little softer, but I have to say... I am going more towards the dark richer tone. Because I just love colour and I think it would look fabulous!

I will keep you updated on the next developments in the House Challenge... We should be getting a lot more colour on the walls over the next few weeks, so I am looking forward to showing you this! Bring on the Colour!

Speak soon,

L x


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