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The Designs, The Creations ...

I am so happy to have finally launched my first collection, it seems to have taken a long time but I am finally here and made it with designs I love. I knew I wanted my first collection to be bright, bold and detailed, working with some of my favourite elements and drawings I had collected. I decided to use quite interesting shapes for this collection, striking sharp elements mixed with delicate soft features, which I just loved working with.

Building up my design elements and ideas for them to turn into an actual pattern and design, still fascinates me to how these develop and how my ideas and visions change continually. I start with thinking I have an idea, I know what it is going to look like, then away I go, elements and ideas change to something I just create and I even surprise myself that I designed it and wonder where the idea came from.

I have especially enjoyed designing a collection, using the same elements throughout the designs, but creating whole new ideas. It has been so much fun working on this collection, I could have added and added to the collection, I had that many ideas, but I felt an exclusive collection of eight was a perfect choice. Here is the first exclusive two designs from my Jungle Flower Collection ...

This is my first design I created, Jungle Bird, I saw the beautiful flower last summer and it was the most beautiful pink colour, I knew I wanted to use this flower as I liked it's boldness and striking layers of petals. I begun to sketch the flower to life from a zoomed in photo, so I had to recreate the petals and my own version of the flower I found. And again, the same with the leafs, and before I new it, I had the elements I wanted to use and an idea of colours to feature.

My original idea didn't include the bird detail, this element developed after I saw a beautiful bird on a walk one weekend and it just sprung to me... So back I go and the sketching pencils are out and the bird was drawn. I am so happy I decided to feature this element as I think it just adds the perfect touch of natures beauty and adds more life to the design.

Along came the second design, I know, I wonder myself how I got from the first design to this, but somehow I did and I love it! Again with some floral ideas I had in my notebook I developed this into my Jungle Flower design... The element in this design created a Tulip flower which ended up being a vital part to the design with a splash of this wild grass I had found, I loved the delicate features it created. Of course the bird element was featured a little more subtly which worked well.

I have to say, I just adore designing and being able to hand draw these elements and see them be created into patterns. It is important to me and something I promise to continue to do and that is to hand draw all of my elements, I think this adds new details and I find working with pencil a beautiful simple material to use as a starting point.

Anyway, I must go, I have some more ideas to draft and my next designs to work on, speak soon,



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