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The Brushes Are Out ...

I recently mentioned in one of my Blog Posts I got the old paint brushes out and found a new canvas I didn't get round to ever using. I have been meaning to start painting again for years and I just haven't got round to it. Why is it that we sometimes put the things we love the most on the shelf and don't find the time to continue with them!? I can't believe I haven't painted for at least 6 years.

But here we go, this is my first Abstract creation I have been working on, it's nearly finished, just a few touches and it's done! I wanted to work on more abstract pieces as with my designing I am very much all about the intricate details and it has to be drawn perfectly or I just wont allow it. But with the painting, I wanted to be more freestyle and just go with the flow, which I did and I'm really happy with the first painting. It's been lovely to work with oil paints again and I'm looking forward to working on the next painting, getting to know how to work with the paints again and working with that colour you know I love to work with!

I'm so happy iv got round to painting again, I find it so relaxing and helps me switch off. Have you started anything again after so long and realised how much you've missed it!?

I find painting a beautiful escape from my everyday life and a way for me to express my creativity in other ways, which is always important. Even with being creative as a designer and being able to illustrate, which I love doing, being able to paint is an escape from that and it feels such a beautiful creative expression of feelings and emotions. So, when I'm Frantasia Haze, designing and illustrating floral's, you will find me painting!

Who knows where my painting will take me, I have a few more canvases to start over the next couple of months, so we will see how they turn out and I will post on the progress!

Bring on the paint brushes! L x


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