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Summer In Flowers

It might be December but there is always room for a reminisce of how beautiful summer is and all the glory nature brings with it! You may have noticed all of my designs are based on floral detail and full of colour!? Well, all this inspiration comes straight from nature.

From my own garden to all the many walks I venture on for some fresh air and to admire the beauty of nature and it's landscape all around the country. Not forgetting the unplanned floral beauty I might stumble across walking to town or taking Ruby for a walk (my gorgeous dog). It can sometimes be the smallest of buttercups or wild flower that sparks my mind and my creative heart fills with ideas and love for a new design, then it starts ... The creative pattern journey!

Summer 2020 has been a wonderful flower finding season for me, I have captured some of the best floral photography that I have ever done and the most beautiful varieties of flowers I have ever seen. Most of these have been from my garden, taking Ruby on some adventurous walks and visiting our local Harlow Car Gardens. I have put together a collection of the best floral finds to make up my Summer In Flowers ...

Which is your favourite!? I don't think I could ever choose... They are all just so stunningly beautiful in their own individual ways. From the enchanting delicate details and unbelievable natural colours they radiate. It always captures me how something so beautiful is naturally created and provides so much beauty, elegance and for something so small yet so powerful that it can change your mood and make you smile! Even the scents can transport you to a beautiful escape that can create a moment and memory! Never under estimate the power of the flower!

How is it that nature creates such beauty!? Nature is most wonderful and precious in every way, and the more I study nature as a designer the more it fascinates me and inspires me, not only to create beautiful patterns, but to also protect it in anyway I can! Just look at all those beautiful colours and stunning details, how can I ever thank nature enough for the inspiration it gives me. My design mind goes wild with ideas every time I see these photos, especially when they are all together, it's like a creative starburst of ideas in my mind that I just can not wait to work on! I will forever be backdated with never ending ideas, I can say I will never run out of ideas ... Ever! Nature never let's me down!

All I can say next... Is bring on Summer 2021 and all the new floral beauty we will find during those most beautiful summer months. Each year I love seeing how different my garden looks, it seems to change and bloom better and better each year, I find new flowers, colours and details every year, which I'm sure had not been there the year before! This year I have planted some new flowers which I can't wait to see bloom in the new Summer months. It will be a nice surprise to me as I sometimes forget what and where I have planted, so, in the Spring, Summer it will be a lovely blooming surprise!

Speak soon,

L x


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