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Studio Time

I spend a lot of time in the Studio, as you would probably guess. Fabrics all around, mood boards, art prints, sketches, buttons and of course note pads. When I start my day, that's where I am heading and pretty much spend the rest of the day too. I do love spending time here though, it's like my creative space, a space I can create ideas, design and see products come to life, I absolutely love it!

It's been a super busy few weeks in the studio, with the launch of the fabulous new designs, Blossoming Scent and Desert Lilly, not only that, art prints and new designs in process along with exiting projects. Obviously with these strange times over the past months have stopped and slowed down processes and projects but I am super happy to say processes are starting to flow again and projects are beginning to develop. Sounds exciting talking about new designs and projects, think I need more note pads!

You can see my working wall developing and I have actually ordered more clip boards as I'm now needing to add to the working wall, new projects, new products and new designs all need new clip board homes. Not sure how you keep organised, but I couldn't do it without my working wall clip boards, they keep me organised, focused and remind me what's going on. Because it's safe to say with hundreds of things going on everyday in general life, I would forget something. Though saying this, I do sometimes forget the occasional thing anyway, but that's life, I can't remember everything!

This look is my busy Studio day look, comfy trousers, loose blouse and hair quickly pinned up, I don't usually wear my glasses because I don't need them in the Studio for designing or close up work. But I had just received my new glasses that morning so I was trying them out around the Studio. I do love a quirky pair of glasses and these turned out fabulous!

Of course I will keep you posted on the Studio and all the up and coming designs and projects! The next Studio look will be different to this photo, I will be adding to the wall soon, so I will update you on that as it happens! Have a Fabulous week!

Speak soon,

L x


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