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Studio Style

Time for the Studio Style... Fresh from the Studio you can find the Frantasia Haze Studio Style to inspire your inner interior goddess and start designing rooms that you have always dreamt of!

One fabulous new addition to the Blog along with our Interior Styling Advice, full of Frantasia haze inspiration, is our Studio Style. Regularly updated with Showstopping Style that is the Must Have Interior Looks for your home! With a product mix of our Top Exclusive Fabrics, Contemporary Art Prints, Cushion Luxury and Home Accessory Essentials. You will find all you need to help create the look you want ...

The latest Studio Style is inspired by the joyful nature palette of a Fuchsia Lilly Escape. Sounds charming and enchanting doesn't it!? Well, this inspiration is a stunning mix of colour, detail and texture that work beautifully together, creating a stunning interior space. You can see from the colour palette, it is all about the colour and bringing a balance together of vibrancy and softness. So let's begin...

Starting the Studio Style off has to be the star of the show, Fuchsia Lilly in Fuchsia Tropics, one of the Frantasia Haze Top Fabric Designs and Must Have Design from the Exclusive Fabric Collection. This unique and beautiful floral pattern has the most exquisite hand drawn detail, teaming with a showstopping colour mix which is guaranteed to always create a WOW in any interior space!

Creating this showstopping team and bringing out the colour in bold block beauty is the delicious Colour Match Fabric in Mandarin Sunlight. Now if there was ever two fabrics that are a match made in heaven ... It's these two! The Mandarin Sunlight Orange within the Fuchsia Lilly design is brought out and highlighted with the use of the block Colour Match Tone and helps elevate the floral design detail and enables you to use the fabric and colour around the room, tying in the colour palette and creating a showstopping look! These two fabrics will always impress!

Now, when you have the feature fabric, the colour tones in place, it's all about the finishing touches! And this Studio Style wouldn't be complete without a touch of Frantasia Haze Contemporary Art. Which just has to be, Abstract Essence in Uplift, a beautiful modern and simplistic art print design that holds elements of the featured fabric design and colour, making it a perfect finishing accessory for this stylish living look....

Lastly, the look wouldn't be complete without some Cushion Luxury, and we have chosen a beautiful block tone from the Colour Match Collection in Fuchsia Sun. An empowering pink pop to indulge the Studio Style and add a new colour touch to the interior look. Not forgetting the added Mandarin Orange cushion edging that frames the cushion beautifully and brings another touch of that delicious colour...

You feeling Studio Style inspired!? You can find all of these products on the website ready to bring that showstopping style into your home. Find your interior inner goddess and have fun with your interior design!

Look out for the next Studio Style, lots more inspiration on the way for you ...

Speak Soon,

L x


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