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Studio Filled With Hearts ...

What a Fabulous time in the Studio it is at the moment ... I am absolutely loving every creative Studio day, Why!? Because it's all about the florals and hearts. I am bringing these beautiful elements together and designing two Exclusive pieces... So, how can these creative days not be fabulous!

My focus and floral study for the New Collection is Azaleas and my time in the Studio has been filled with much joy as I have been able to use my inspiration from these stunning flowers to design and create something exclusive and unique for Frantasia Haze.

Working along my Art Nouveau contemporary style towards the new collection, has brought me to design two floral art illustrations. I am currently working on finishing these two pieces and developing them using Giclee paints. It's been great so far working with these paints and actually giving myself time to enjoy the blissfulness of being in the creative painters mind. Which, unfortunately, I don't always have a lot of time for, but I have dedicated this time to create two paintings that will join the Exclusive New Collection.

I will be using these paintings to develop the final designs of the prints digitally, this way I can play with colour tones and define the hand-drawn elements, which is what I do for my fabric pattern designs. Although I did think I will keep the original paintings as prints with minimal editing to keep the beauty of the Giclee paints brushwork and the original quality of the piece. With both ideas on the way and close to finishing, I am looking forward to sharing the developments with you and seeing what you think to the final designs! I best organise some more painting days in the Studio ...

I will keep you posted on the Studio work... Have a Fabulous weekend!

Speak soon,

L x


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