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A Big Hello from the Studio! It's been a creative few weeks in the Studio, recently I have been working on some wonderful projects and I have been getting back to working a lot more with different art mediums. When it comes to illustrations and designing elements, I am all about the simplicity with pencil and shade and then editing the sketches digitally, introducing all that beautiful colour and bringing the designs together through these processes.

I have always just preferred working with pencil and shade, which is funny really when I am addicted to colour! Over the last few months I realised I had missed working with water colours, oil paints, pastels along with acrylics. It's many years ago since I used lots of these art mediums, but I couldn't wait to get started. So, it's now on my to do list and a creative Studio must have for me to use different forms of art mediums and just see what happens! Free hand draw what ever pops into my imagination and work with the colours as I go. It will be great to have these feature around the Studio and bring me inspiration for future projects in pattern design and with in my art illustrations.

Here is my latest work in progress... It is inspired by my recent works on the latest collection launching in April, based around the Hibiscus flower. It is not far off being finished and I am really pleased with the progress so far. I hope you are loving it too...

Frantasia Haze Studio Art. Hand drawn art, oil pastels, floral art

This is my first re-introduction to working with oil pastels, I have not used oil pastels for a long long time. When I had this urge to work with different art mediums, I wasn't sure what to use first, so it was to the painting shelf in the Studio I go. My first thought was water colours, I remembered I had a beautiful water colour set which I always used to use many years ago, however, it was obviously that long go my poor paints had dried out and completely unusable! As for the acrylic paints, I didn't have enough of a colour selection to work with, the only paints I new I had lots of, is oil paints, but I didn't want to work with oil paints on canvas this time. Until I stumble across this beautiful box of oil pastels, perfect!

Oil pastels out, I am ready in the Studio for a creative session, let's see what happens! I started lightly sketching an idea out based around the floral studies from my latest collection and within twenty minutes the outline for my first oil pastel art is ready. Ready to be indulged in oil pastel luxury and heavenly colour!

Frantasia Haze Studio Art. Hand drawn art, oil pastels, floral art

I am continuing to work on this piece and it will be finished very soon, I will of course keep you posted on the finished piece and let you know how the new projects are coming along!

Speak soon,

L x


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