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Studio Arrivals

Look what's arrived in the Studio, more fabulous fabrics! I couldn't have been happier to receive the latest fabric delivery, a stunning mix of designs in this latest order! As always, I raced myself to the door when I heard the door bell go, delivery in hand and I raced back to the Studio, it's like Christmas every time I get delivery's, it doesn't matter how many times I have seen the fabrics or products, I adore seeing them every time, over and over again!

Fabric out all around the Studio and I spent the rest of the afternoon gazing with hearts in my eyes for all the beautiful fabrics, designs and colours. When they arrive all together as a bulk delivery, the fabrics, designs and colours together just look so beautiful, it's fabric magic!

Studio Delivery

New in to the Studio arrived Desert Lilly printed on Cotton Half Panama, Fuchsia Lilly printed on Chenille and Blossoming Scent printed on Cotton Fine Warp Satin. Oh, not forgetting the Colour Match collection printed on Chenille and Shimmer Velvet! Stunningly Delicious... Just look at those colours!

Now it's getting them all organised for orders, samples and I will try and take some photography of each beautiful fabric to capture all the stunning individual details!

Speak soon, L x


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