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September in the Studio

Happy September Everyone! Can you believe it is September already!? I don't know where August went, but what a beautiful month September is. I do love the Summer months, but isn't Autumn just as beautiful in it's own way!? It's those beautiful Autumnal walks with the golden falling leaves and starting to layer up in cosy jumpers that I love. But let's enjoy the last of these beautiful Summer Days first before the Jumpers come out!

Although the walks will have to wait at the moment as I am back in the Studio, the sketching pencils are out, paintbrushes too... New projects are on the go and a New Collection to prepare. With the past few months being slower than usual for me in the Creative Studio with the arrival of my beautiful baby daughter, having a newborn around has it's bonuses... More time to think! Since the end of May I took some time off to embrace Motherhood and enjoy every moment, which of course I still am doing. But with all those beautiful little moments, have given me invaluable time to think creatively and be inspired in new ways.

Frantasia Haze Studio. Interior Design. Floral Fabric. Curtain Fabric. Bold Fabric Design.
In The Studio

With more time to think, I realised I had been spending too much time on content and more of the business side to Frantasia Haze, than my creativeness. Which I realised, I missed! So, with all the new inspiration blooming, I couldn't wait to get started on all the new ideas for Frantasia Haze. I will be spending more time sketching, painting and developing print designs, using more of my time on the creative side rather than on the boring business bits. Of course, I will still have those office days of admin, but I am creating a better balance for myself and remembering all the reasons I started Frantasia Haze, which is to spend time doing what I absolutely love ... And that's being creative!!!

With all this new inspiration and design ideas, I decided to have a move around in the Studio, so I am still working on that (when the little one let's me). The Studio space should be finished in the next couple of months and I will look forward to posting more from the Studio when all is finished!

So, I am really looking forward to showing you what I have been working on, all the new ideas and what I am thinking for new future launches! Watch out over the next month, I have lot's to post to you about and I would love to know what your thoughts are on the new sketches I am working on and all the new creative work I have coming along.

Enjoy the last of the Summer Sun and bring on the Autumn!

Speak soon,



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