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Say Hello To Floral Maze...

It's here ... It's here... I am very excited to announce and showcase the latest design to the Jungle Flower Collection, a big hello to Floral Maze!

Floral Maze is the fifth design to the Jungle Flower collection and I still have five more designs to go, I wanted to do a ten piece collection for this design and really I am aiming for ten designs in all of my collections. I always get overflowed with ideas and once one design is complete I am already sketching new ideas for the next design. But I think ten designs per collection is a nice amount and a good quantity to showcase the elements I use and obviously use as much colour as I can!

Compared to my last design Jungle Tulip, which I chose to use richer jungle tones in colour, I new this design was going to bring those brighter vibrant jungle tones out and I think these colours work beautifully together. I have chosen Carnival Orange, Pink Plum, Silver Mist and Prussian Night to be the showstopping colours for this fabulous design and I love them. I love the sweet richness mixed with the lightness of subtle shades, I sometimes find it really easy to choose the colours for my designs, I can vision it exactly, but sometimes it can take me a little longer to decide... Not for this design though, I knew the exact colours and found them perfectly. I have to say one of my favourite colours is orange and my Floral Maze design in Carnival Orange I just fall in love with all the time!

You might see similarities in this design to my Jungle Tulip design and that's because I used the main pattern element from that design to create this. I have added a few more elements to this design to give it a new dimension, but for the last three designs I have wanted to simplify a lot of the elements and create a mixture of designs to add a good mix to the overall collection.

I decided to print Floral Maze on a quality Cotton Warp Satin, a solid, ultra-smooth fabric that has a luxurious look and feel. Making this a beautiful fabric for interiors, it's quality look and feel along with the print quality brings out the design in all it's stunning colours! How can your interiors not smile with this!?

I have loved working on Floral Maze and again creating new dimensions to designs and towards creating a fabulous and unique collection. With this being my first collection for Frantasia Haze, it's so exciting to be able to be creative and explore ideas and design unique patterns for a modern home. It has been an amazing journey so far and I can not wait to continue the design journey...

P.S. I hope you love the new design!

Speak soon,

L x


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