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Sample Luxury

Did you know you can Sample any of our Luxury Fabrics!? Choose your favourite fabrics and simply order all the samples you need. Samples are a great way to see the beauty of the design and material with your own eyes. Take a closer look at all the pattern and material detail, as well as the delicious colour tones that will just WOW you! Your interior spark will be glowing!

You will get a fabulous sense to whether that design, colour and material is right for you and your interiors. Keep the sample placed in the room for a few days and keep reviewing it as you are pottering round with your normal day, you will soon get a better vision for the whole room itself. And there you have it, before you know it, you have chosen your material, paints and your new look is starting to bloom!

All samples are £2.00 with FREE Delivery. Browse through our Fabric Collection and get ordering your Samples! You are welcome to contact the Studio with any questions, Contact Us!

Speak soon,

L x


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