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Pure Fabric Luxury

It's arrived ... I sprinted down the stairs to the front door to receive some of the New Fabric Collection. I couldn't wait to get in the Studio and work with these fabrics. It doesn't matter how many times I order them or see the prints, my eyes light up with love and I adorn a beaming smile.

In this delivery was Fuchsia Lilly in Fuchsia Tropics, Fuchsia La Vine in Bumblebee Honey and Lilia Bloom in Lilia Sky. And WOW ... These collection of colours are eye catching in beautiful tones and the print detail is exceptionally stunning, I am so so happy with the designs, colours and fabrics Frantasia Haze has chosen for the Fuchsia Lilly Collection. and hope you love them as much as I do!?

In the Fuchsia Lilly Collection you will find I have used the finest of fabrics, Cotton Warp Satin, Chenille and Cotton Half Panama. All of which are extremely beautiful in their own unique ways! I am very proud and happy to have these fabrics on the Frantasia Haze team. It is important to me that each design is paired with the right fabric as the smallest of grains or weave detail can enhance the design and when they pair beautifully together, fabric magic happens!

I have loved working in the studio so far with these fabulous designs and fabrics, I am looking forward to the next delivery so I can get back in the studio, hopefully next week! This collection always brings such a big smile to my face and I am even more looking forward to seeing these designs bring interior design to life!

Speak Soon,

L x


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