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Positive Colour, Positive Thinking

We've all got to keep Positive, right? At the moment some day's can feel more isolated than others, but we need to Stay Positive and Think Positive! Colour has a massive impact in our day to day lives if you notice it or not. It can uplift your mood, calm your surroundings or even bring a spring into your step!

Now, if you follow Frantasia Haze on social media or even across our website, you will notice colour is everywhere and if you had to ask me what my favourite colours are ... It would be a difficult question. I love all colour but narrowing it down to the shades and tones that uplift my food straight away, it would have to be ... Orange, Teal, Green and Yellow! Yes, I did try and narrow it down to three, but I couldn't, so you have my top four uplifting tones!

Have you ever thought about the colours that are around you and how they might change your mood and your thinking? It's hard to think about it when you are in a moment, but if you took a smaller moment and noticed the small things that actually have a huge impact on your mood, resulting in positive thinking and uplifting senses, they are worth knowing about so you can surround yourself with them at home, those spaces you can escape to! You could introduce these colours through art work, photo frames, vases, to feature walls or curtains and cushions! Got you thinking? Go for it ... Start introducing your Positive Colour! Let me know how it goes and what colours you choose and why!? Have Fun!

Remember to keep positive and keep smiling!

L x


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