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Pink Power

That's right ... It's all about the Pink Power and why not indulge in this beautiful and captivating colour!? Pink is empowering, enchanting, soothing, elegant, wild, bold, joyful and delicious... Just to name a few words to describe this fabulous colour!

Here at Frantasia Haze we have been feeling empowered by this indulgent colour and all the beautiful tones it brings us to adorn ourselves within fashion and to dress our interiors like our living room is on the catwalk! Let's use magenta to bring sumptuous warmth, watermelon to add the sassy vibrancy or blush rose to tickle the pink senses, the pink possibilities are beautifully endless! How would you use the pink power!? Would you keep it soothing with blush candy tones and a pastel mix or bring the pops of fuchsia and rose with a more joyful palette, maybe you would go deep and indulgent with magenta and rosewood to design a warming and enrapturing space?! I'm divided too!

Here to help you with designing that empowering interior space, we have the Top Frantasia Haze Must Have Pink Products ... Starting with Fuchsia La Vine Bold in Fuchsia Sun Art Print, this pink pop will uplift any wall in these beautiful bold pink tones with a touch of mandarin orange and sky aqua!

Following in luxurious pink tones is from the Frantasia Haze Fabric Collection with Blossoming Scent in Lila Blush. How delicious does all this colour look together!? That sweet soft pink blush background tone against the floral details in spring apple, lilac lavender and summer orange work together beautifully! A perfect mix of soothing and vibrant, to uplift and calm your mood!

This fabric design would look stunning made into curtains, blinds and for so many upholstery projects! Frantasia Haze can print this design in a mix of our luxury fabrics, from Fine Warp Satin (printed below), Chenille, Shimmering Velvet to Cotton Half Panama and more ... Just get in touch with Studio!

Now we are on to the bold chic from the Fabulous Colour Match Collection with Fuchsia Sunkiss ... Just look at that indulgent delicious colour tone, such a beautiful colour isn't it!? The Colour Match collection is a great way to break up patterns and keep that colour following through your interior design! Just like Blossoming Scent in Lilia Blush, Colour Match in Fuchsia Sunkiss will create the most stunning curtains and upholstery projects. Fuchsia Sunkiss is a statement empowering pink pop for your interiors! Would you go curtains or a statement upholstered feature chair!? Maybe both!?

And finishing the Pink Power is our delicious Cushion Desert Lilly in Lilia Lilly Zest! Ooo how I adore these zesty vibrant tones, aren't the just fabulous!? This cushion is a showstopper for adding to your sofa or chair for a feature piece of luxury. Indulging in your me time moments will never be the same again with these beautiful colours, your interiors will help you escape to a joyful and uplifting mood with these deliciously zesty and captivating tones! The only thing let to do, is sit back and relax! Now how difficult can the be!?

So, are you feeling the Pink Power!? I hope you are because it is such a beautiful colour, be inspired to use such a stunning colour throughout your interiors, elevate your pink style and have fun!

Speak soon,

L x


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