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Summer projects are on the way and Frantasia Haze has some very exciting collaborations and projects happening over the next couple of months. The latest project I am working on has been for an exciting upholstery project, re-vamping some fabulous furniture!

Shimmering Velvet Interior Fabric. Bold Curtain Fabric. Frantasia Haze Interior Design. Fabric Design.

For this project I have been playing around with different scale sizes for the pattern. For curtain projects and printing, the pattern scale is usually scaled quite large due to the quantity of the fabric for it's purpose. However, for this particular project I thought the furniture piece would suit the pattern minimised to a smaller scale and I think it looks fabulous, what do you think!?

It's always great working with different projects, testing and trialing the floral prints and fabrics with a variety of interior collaborations. I love seeing the design printed at different scales on the selection of our fabrics, it's surprising how different the same design can look at a minimised or maximised scale.

Frantasia Haze Fabrics. Harrogate Interior Design. Floral Fabric. Interior Fabric. Harrogate Surface Pattern Designer.

Hibiscus in Bloom in Summer Blooms is the chosen design for this currant project, beautifully printed on our Showstopping Shimmering Velvet, and this print and fabric is very much a showstopper! When this fabric was in the Studio, I couldn't take my eyes off it... Such beautiful detail and those colours are just heavenly! Not forgetting to mention the shimmering fabric glistening in the Studio from the beaming sunshine through the windows.

I am still going to keep it quiet as to what the project actually is until the gran reveal over the Summer. It will be worth the wait, I promise! I will keep you posted...

Speak Soon,

L x


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