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NEW Design Launch

It's that time ... Time for the New Design Launch, oh I do love launching new designs. I am very excited and happy to be introducing you to Blossoming Scent and Desert Lilly. These two fabulous designs are part of the Frantasia Haze Fuchsia Lilly Collection and these designs are bringing more unique style, enchanting detail and delicious colour for more exclusive interior design!

I had planned to design five exclusive prints for the Fuchsia Lilly Collection and I couldn't be happier with the final designs. So, where did the inspiration for these two designs come from!? Well, as you may have guessed from the collection's name, Fuchsia Lilly, this collection is based around these two stunning flowers and all the beautiful detail they hold. I had a never ending burst of inspiration designing this collection.

Since the launch of Fuchsia Lilly in April, I have been finishing the design details for both Blossoming Scent and Desert Lilly. I new I wanted one design fairly simplistic with a minimal use of elements and the second design to be completely opposite, bold with a wild fluttering of elements. So, to start with I welcome you Blossoming Scent...

A little bit more about Blossoming Scent!? This beautiful design was a dream to develop and work on. I love these types of moments in design, I start off with my vision board... Which is a rough doodle of the vision I have and when I say rough doodle, these design visions stay well hidden in the rough doodles note pad. Only really to be seen by me because I'm the only one who understands them.

With the doodle note pad out and the design process flowing, I started to develop the vision ... When suddenly a new vision appeared, it's almost like a skittles rainbow has launched in my mind and these ideas are bursting with vibrant design visions with a burst of energy. I absolutely love it when this happens, I find a lot of the best designs develop this way. So, there I am, Blossoming Scent has taken a new turn and these delicate shapes and flowing pattern was starting to make sense. I wanted to capture the delicate curves and silhouettes this beautiful flower has, using every detail to create a flowing ever blossoming fuchsia trail.

As for Desert Lilly, this was a different design process, the rough doodles and vision had took shape quite quickly and within a week the actual element of design was complete. Now, when it came to the colour combinations ... All I had in my mind was ... Wild, Vibrant and Bold, similar to the actual design itself, I think I captured all these, what do you think? ...

Another aspect of the design process that I love is deciding on names, sometimes this just happens and I know instantly what the collection and designs will be called, other times, I need to write a list of twenty ideas and start playing around with names. It's an important part to the design as it's giving the design it's character and uniqueness it deserves. For Blossoming Scent we have Blossoming Scent (Original), Lilia Blush, Maya Rise and Midnight Sun. A beautiful colourway combination for the ever blossoming fuchsia trail I was capturing for this design. For Desert Lilly we have, Desert Wild, Maya Sunrise, Lila Lilly Zest and Desert Ray. Don't they just sound that little bit more Fabulous! ?

Of course, as always, I would love to know which is your favourite design and colourway!? And if you were designing your new interiors, which design would you choose for where? ... Living room, dining room, bedroom?

Speak Soon,

L x


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