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New Collection Focus

A Big Hello from the Studio. It's that time again... Time to research and start to design the New Collection! I am very excited to be working on the next collection, I have so many ideas and the design elements that I have been working on so far are coming together beautifully!

So, what is the New Collection all about and why!? The New Collection focus is, Azaleas, one of my favourite flowers you can find! The colours, delicate details and pure natural beauty of these flowers are just beautifully stunning and I can not wait to start designing patterns with these beauties!

Why did I choose Azaleas for this Collection!? Well, two reasons... 1) Azaleas are on the Top List to work with for my designing and ... 2) I have been newly inspired by my beautiful baby daughter, her middle name is Azalea and her inspiration towards the collection have brought a bloom of creative vision for new pattern designs and she has given me time to develop on my creative style, which I can not wait to share with you! (Who would have thought having a newborn would give you time, space and inspiration!)

Frantasia Haze Studio

It's always important to have time to explore creatively with designs and ideas, but sometimes, that's easier said than done. Time goes by so quickly, making sure I have that time available is not always on my to do list, when it always should be! You know how life is, busy, busy, busy, you can plan your day to a point, but it never really goes to plan, does it!? And that was my life before my baby daughter arrived a few months ago, now I have her in the mix, time is something I haven't seen for a while. Yet, she has given me so much in such little time, it has all empowered and encouraged my creative mind!

I have had the most wonderful Summer ... I've Given myself time and thinking space. I have been doing a lot of research over the Summer, researching influencing eras through the decades in arts and design, along with spending a lot more time on design and illustration, allowing me to have that time to think about my design style and the style that I am wanting to focus on. I absolutely adore exquisite detail, soft flowing lines, delicate silhouettes and botanical illustration and with my further research into influencing eras. I have been entirely inspired, bringing me to an era which is very much, me! ... Art Nouveau ...

Frantasia Haze Surface Pattern Designer

And ... What an Era!? It has to be one of my favourite eras in Art And Design. Art Nouveau has always caught my eye and I have always had an interest in this era, I just haven't had the time to research and let this era enrapture me in all it's beauty and inspire my creative self... Until now!

The floral use and detail within this era is very me and I have been completely inspired by experimenting with my own illustrations and designs. Combining my new collection focus on Azaleas with an Art Nouveau twist! And ... I have been absolutely loving every sketch and my visions for the new collection are developing beautifully, which I am very much looking forward to sharing with you towards the launch in 2022!

Frantasia Haze Interior Design. Surface Pattern Design and Illustration. Interior Design Harrogate

You could even say I have been inspired entirely by my Summer of research, that my Frantasia Haze style is progressing and as a designer, my creative style is evolving. How Exciting!!!

I will be posting about what I have been working on over the next couple of weeks, show you these illustrations and see what you think... Keep a look out!

Speak Soon,

L x


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