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More Floral Beauty!

Look what's here... The NEW pattern design has landed and officially launched. I am really excited to have this design as part of the Jungle Flower Collection. Another design inspired by the stunning nature that surrounds us ... Are you ready!? ... Say Hello to Waterfall Bloom...

So, where did this design idea spring from? Well, still working within my Jungle Flower Collection brief of all the beauty a wild side of the jungle can bring. This design was another beautiful aspect to the elements and visioned imagination of such a beautiful place. Imagine a stunning glistening waterfall meters high with enchanting vibrant wild cascading flowers ... That's where the design idea came from.

Waterfall Bloom is a Fabulous addition to the Jungle Flower Collection, a new twist to the collections pattern designs as I went for a more simplistic and streamline design, only using a few hand drawn elements from the collections design range. I already had the idea for a simplistic cascading floral design and as I worked on the design, it developed together quite quickly as I could see the pattern forming within a few stages. Sometimes it just happens like that, I have an idea and it works straight away, other times my idea can not work as I am trying to develop it, to which a new design develops that I haven't originally thought of and there you are ... The new design happens.

I am happy to introduce some more beautifully delicious colours to the collection, you can find Waterfall Bloom in, Dove Glimmer, Aqua Iridescence, Waterfalls Blue and Sun Glow. All inspired by the Waterfall Bloom Jungle of beauty, which I am still happily living in, working on the follow up design using some of these elements in the next pattern. Which is launching very soon.

I always like to get a good mixture of colours within the design and especially within the background colours. One of my other favourite parts to my designing is the name creation. I love deciding and creating names to match with the designs ... It always brings them to life!

I hope you are loving the new designs, I always love to hear your lovely comments and which your favourite colours are and why, so don't forget to be social and let me know!?

Speak soon,

L x


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