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Me Time Moments

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Me time moments, we all need those don't we!? It's a must have, we need those moments of winding down, to relax and just enjoy being in your space doing absolutely nothing or those little moments of happiness that you love. It might be listening to your favourite playlist, reading a magazine or book, or maybe just a homemade tea or coffee sat in your favourite seat in the house, piece and quiet and completely enjoying the bliss moment!

I know I love a me time moment, do I have enough me time moments is the other question!? Probably not, but I have made it a to do list action that I find the time for those me time moments more often. My favourite me time moment is probably listening to my favourite playlists with a teapot all to myself of Peppermint Tisane... Absolutely in love with this tea! You need to try it! Though saying this is one of my favourite me time moments, if the weather is out and about, you will find me in the garden with a Gin.

... After talking about all of that, I am very much looking forward to my next me time moment! And one BIG Must Have for those me time moments is ... Cushions! How can they not be apart of this moment of bliss and luxury! I am one of them who always say's, "no such thing as too many cushions", because there is no such thing! It could be one feature cushion, two perfect pairs or a cushion cluster of sassy six, they are a deal breaker in the success of the me time moment!

So, it was obviously top priority over here at Frantasia Haze to design the perfect cushion luxury for those me time moments... And we have! You will find a fabulous collection of cushions designed in our exclusive prints, that will bring WOW, showstopping detail, colour and design to your interiors. I absolutely loved designing the cushion range and deciding on those final finishing touches, from the piping detail, recycled and organic fabric back material, handmade fabric buttons and the Frantasia Haze labels. What do you think!?

Which is your favourite design!? Or can you not decide!? All our cushions are bespoke and made to order, making every handmade cushion exclusive to you. These beautiful designs are printed using three of our finest fabrics, Chenille, Cotton Half Panama and Cotton Warp Satin. Such beautiful materials, I love working with these fabrics in the Studio, they all have individual and distinctive characteristics. Complimenting characteristics and textures that make them work perfectly together, remember, don't be shy with your textures, they work, look fabulous and you can mix and match colour and texture that elevate the room, making scrumptious and sumptuous interiors!

All our cushions are bespoke and made to order, if you would like any more information about the fabrics and cushion designs, get in touch with the Studio, we would love to hear from you. You can email us on, call the Studio at 07873 579 041 or use our Live Chat on the website, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Remember to make more Me Time Moments!

Speak soon,

L x


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