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Me Again ...

Me again... I did't post about Frantaisa Haze & Me for a while and now you have two posts in January. I wanted to let you know a little bit more about the new collection launching this year. As I am very excited to be finalizing the first exclusive designs for the 2020 collection.

Working with two of my favourite flowers, the new collection is based around Fuchsias and Lillie's. I can think of many reasons why these are two of my favourite flowers, but you can not beat the undeniable beauty of details, colours and scents! Both these beautiful flowers have a variety of vibrant colours, breathtaking details in delicate shapes and the natural beauty of these flowers always amaze me, I can never get enough of them!

One of my to do list actions since moving in to the new house was to plant some Fuchsias and Lille's, which I have done and I can not wait to see them in full bloom this summer! So, if I don't post for a while ... It's probably because I will be "living" in the garden admiring all the blooms and catching some sunshine.

I am loving working on the new sketches and elements in the design studio and bringing the pattern designs together. I have used some new elements in one design, which I can not wait to show you... But you will just have to wait a litter longer! I am not going to give you the launch date just yet, but I will say its after March but before May... I wonder which month it could be!?

Design sketches for the New 2020 Collection!
More hand drawn elements for for the designs ...

I will keep you updated over the next few months and I have some posts coming up with a little look at some more design sketches and elements I have been working on!

Speak Soon,



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