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A Big Hello & Welcome

Here I am and here I welcome you the brand new Frantasia Haze! I thought I would start with a quick chat about why I have made the changes, so here it goes … with me starting my own little business over a year ago, starting with one of my signature patchwork cushions. I have loved developing these designs and being creative with fabrics and colours. These designs proved popular for modern homeware and started a new interest for me into interiors.

After much thought over the summer I decided I missed illustration and drawing, I restarted this and realised my interests in interiors and love for drawing and design could develop into to something special… My very own exclusive pattern designs. So this is what I decided to do, I got out the old pencils and away I started with my drawings and ideas.

I want to take Frantasia Haze further in the interior world and express my interior design ideas and pattern styles to create a range of exclusive homeware for my customers and for them to bring these into their homes...

In which, I am so happy to welcome you the fabulous new design collection by Frantasia Haze. I am starting the launch with two exclusively designed patterns in a collection of colours for my first collection, Jungle Flower! I wanted my first collection to show my inspired inspiration from nature and for this to show my ideas and styles as a pattern designer. I am a very floral person, I love all flowers and see so much beauty in all the smallest of details. Of course, I cannot forget to mention the colours, I live for colour… I have to have colour in my life. Its uplifting, happy and beautiful, I think colour should be in everyone’s home. I design to make rooms smile and make you smile every time you walk into a room, whether it is a place for you to relax or a space for you to socialise, choosing colour is essential to uplifting any room and any mood.

So here it goes, my new interior adventure in to pattern design. I have a fabulous plan this year to introduce a collection of different homeware pieces, I don’t want to give too much away, but I am wanting to offer a selection of décor pieces that will finish off your interiors and give your interiors a pop of modern glamour. I hope you love my designs and new ideas and hope you would choose to decorate with my homewares and choose to make your interiors smile, the Frantasia Haze way.

Lastly, I have worked a lot on the new website design and I wanted to makesure the website showed the style of Frantasia Haze. I feel the design choice and layout I have chosen, really do show Frantasia Haze as it’s brand, modern, exclusive and individual.

There we have it, my little introduction into the new Frantasia Haze, I am super looking forward to developing the brand over the summer and this year. I hope my loyal customers continue to follow and I keep collecting more fabulous loyal customers as I continue to grow Frantasia Haze and the homeware collection.

All I can say to you … Is thank you so much for supporting me and my products! It means the world to me!

Speak soon, L x

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