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One thing that has been very important to me starting the Frantasia Haze journey and as a brand, is not only to create unique pattern designs and products, but also how I do this in ways to help the planet and not be a business wasting machine. Which is why I decided Frantasia Haze will mainly be made to order, exclusively for my clients and fabulous customers. It cuts down on waste massively and means I am only using and buying the materials needed for each individual order, which makes sense. Making every order always exclusively printed and made just for you.

How it works? Well, with the fabrics, once an order has been placed, I send the design to be printed in the UK by a fabulous UK business. The exact amounts are printed and no fabric is wasted, so why wouldn't this be a great idea? For the planet, you... and Frantasia Haze!

The same goes for my made to order cushions, once an order has been placed I order the fabric and quantity needed to be printed, then in the studio I go and the sewing begins to create the exclusive cushion designs. What is also great about these designs, is you can mix and match colours and patterns, they just look fabulous as a mix and matched cluster or just as fabulous as a twin duo... You decide ... I create!

What's the made to order time frame? Well based on a standard order, I usually say for both a fabric or cushion orders, between 7-14 days. So what are you waiting for ... Pop over to see the full range of Fabrics and Cushions and start making your interiors smile!

I am aiming to continue Made to Order for as many of my future products as possible. The next product to be launched is my Art Prints, which again, will all be printed to order. More on the Art Prints will be available very soon, I will do a separate post introducing this new product... Very exciting!

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