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Interior Styling Advice

It's not always easy to know what colours to use, what designs to feature in your interiors, what curtains, furniture or accessories, there's a whole list to consider when it comes to designing or re-designing any room. And when it comes to colour, many people shy away from using vibrant tones and bold hues because how do you use them to tie them all in to create the final look you are wanting!?

One reason reason I started designing patterns for the interior world was because I adore interiors and the impact it has on our everyday life. With my love for design and interiors and my developing understanding of how interiors and our living space impacts our mindsets. I wanted to create designs which make you and your interiors smile and bring a modern twist to everyday living, bringing unique style and originality to interior design. I felt design was getting very similar and dare I say it, boring! As a designer I want to bring new elements to design, creating fabrics that inspire and home furnishings that WOW in showstopping style and design. Products and interior spaces that indulge in character and create a balance between elegant style, a bold statement and originality.

Being expressive with colour is a huge part of me as a designer and what Frantasia Haze is all about. It is about not being afraid to express yourself, not only through interiors, but to uplift your inner expression and let this bloom through your character! I let all my expression and love show through my designs, being able to express my style through my illustrations and pattern creations is an emotion I allow you all to see, every sketch, every colour palette is a continuous expression of who I am! ... And I want to help you find your expression through your interiors, let your character bloom through your daring colour palette and characterful home accessories!

Because interiors and our Frantasia Haze customers mean so much to us, here at Frantasia Haze we want to help you create the look of your dreams and to make you feel comfortable in finding your interiors inner goddess to create that dream look you have always wanted. The look that brings you all those feelings at once, an uplifting, powerful, calming and re-energising space to live in everyday!

Frantasia Haze is very happy of offer Free Interior Styling Advice to all our fabulous customers who purchase any of our Frantasia Haze designed products. For example, if you buy metres of our luxury fabric to make some showstopping curtains but maybe you are not sure how to colour scheme your room to contrast with the fabric!? Just ask! Or maybe your unsure how to use our home accessories to finish styling your space!? Well, we are here to help you with just that! Whether it's just to ask advice on if that sage tea green paint will pair perfectly with our Desert Lilly Fabric in Desert Wild or if our Cushion Craze mix of designs in Lilia Lilly Zest, Mandarin Sun and Fuchsia Tropics will pair beautifully on your sofa for a cushion cluster pop of luxury!? To finally adding those finishing touches of luxury around the room, which Art Prints will work best!? How to fill those spaces with the write candle or vase from our exclusive homeware collection!? We are here for all of those questions and more!

So, if you are buying any of our Fabrics, Cushions or Art Prints but would like a little advice on how to finish your look, get in touch with the Frantasia Haze team. Contact us through our live chat, drop us an email or use our contact form and we will happily help you create your interior dreams!

Looking forward to helping you creating interior magic! L x


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