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Interior Colour Match

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Colour Match ... What is is? Well, I'm glad you wondered and glad you asked... Colour Match is Frantasia Haze's fabulous New Collection to the Frantasia Haze Interior Fabric Range. An exclusive range of designed and handpicked colours to colour match perfectly with the entire Fuchsia Lilly Collection and your interiors, every design, every detail and every tone will flow in colour harmony with these colour match beauties ...

Why did I decide to design and create such a collection? Because you always need colour to break up print and pattern. As much as I love pattern on pattern and more pattern, you do need block colour to create flowing tones and aspects to the room for it to connect and work together. These colours are actually really important as they bring out the features of the room, whether that's the wallpaper, block feature wall, curtains, bedding or even art prints, just to give a few examples. And these block colours work together without overpowering the room to give it's finished WOW look. Which you always want to do!

Frantasia Haze Interior Design Harrogate
Colour Match Inspiration

I spent a long time studying the colours I wanted to choose for the collection and took time thinking about you, your interiors and how these colours can work in any home. After hours of colour thinking and trialing, the collection came together and I had chosen the top four Colour Match Colours, Fuchsia Sun, Butterfly Silk, Fuchsia Tropics and Mandarin Sunlight. What do you think!? Scrumptious aren't they!?

So, picking the colour match colours was one of the biggest decisions... But so was choosing the fabric collection they would be printed on. Decisions, decisions, decisions ... After elimination of the fabric choices, I got to the top three materials and the samples arrived ... They are perfect. The colours are stunning and the fabrics are just as beautiful as I had imagined!

Which are the three finest fabrics I decided on I hear you ask!? ... Cotton Half Panama, Chenille and Shimmer Velvet! Just Wow, Wow and WOW to them all! They are all stunning in their individual ways and have distinctive characteristics that bring the colour and fabric fabulous energy. All these fabrics are designed to be used for curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings to create showstopping interiors and I am so happy and excited to be able to be apart of that interior colour journey for you and your home! These stunning colours and fabrics are also handmade into our exclusive cushion range ... You need to see these ... They are just Fabulous! Designed and printed on Chenille with our contrasting piping, they are an interior colour match must have!

Get a Sample of these beautiful fabrics and see how stunning the fabric and colours are for yourself. You can either select a Sample from the website product page or just get in touch with us at the Studio and we will get a sample sent straight out to you!

So, if you have any questions about the Colour Match Fabrics, Cushions, or your interior vision, get in touch with me at the Studio, I would be delighted to hear from you. You can email me at,, use our Contact Form or call the Studio on 07873 579 041.

Speak soon,

L x