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Have you ever felt like you have just wanted to express yourself and be creative with your interiors!? But ... You are not sure how, am I right!? Well, art is a great starting point, it allows you to bring in detail, colour and expression, it can begin to bring your theme, style and interior look together.. Helping with those undecided colour palettes and giving you a focus for your creative look!

One continues focus of Frantasia Haze is to design an expressive style and bring colour into your interiors, colour that so many are afraid to indulge in because they don't know how to use it, to then bring the look together. Don't you worry! Frantasia Haze isn't an interior designer looking to charge you for creating 'The Look' ... Frantasia Haze is here to help you to create that look, bring you tips, advice and to positively encourage your creativity to try working with colour yourself and transform your interiors from a wishywash dull bore to an indulging characterful room of joyful bliss, a space you won't ever want to leave!

With our Top Art Prints, I have some Fabulous Advice and Tips to help you vision the interior dream, whether you want to stick with your neutral colour palette and just want a pop of colour, or if you are feeling vibrantly wild and want to be colour fabulous ... Get ready to show that room who's boss...

Staring the inspiration off is a beautiful mix of delicate coral blossom tones, aren't these tones just stunning!? With these tones, we have teamed our Fuchsia La Vine art print in Lemon Silk. The soft mix of colours in the art print make a stunning collaboration with any of these coral blossom tones. Whether you go with a softer pastel hue or a deeper rich tone, the complimenting green, blue, orange and touches of pink within Fuchsia La Vine are enhanced by these delicious corals and they create a magical combination ...

I have chosen to pick out the teal blue hues from the art print because I think the balance between delicious colour and pastel hues work perfectly together and would suit many interior spaces, living, dining as well as bedrooms. The mix of colour intensity can balance a blissful calming space or you can turn up the colour levels for an uplifting joyful escape ...

Coming up next is an inspired mix of colours with these warming cool blues. Blues are a popular go to for interiors, you can't go to wrong with a pop of blue and you can play it safe but still introduce a colourful vibe. Without doubt one of the Top Designs , Uplift, from Abstract Essence Collection was 'The Design' to rock this look. The delicious colours from the art print Uplift, are stunning against all of these blue tones, you could go soft skies, blues waves or early evening midnight, the orange, yellow, blue and touch of pink would create a stylish living with a modern look. I absolutely adore these tones together, soothing, energising and ... Uplifting! ...

Lastly for our colour inspiration, this is for you neutral lovers out there, keeping it simplistic but would want a little colour pop to elevate the room!? Well, our choice has to be this beautiful calming neutral colour palette teamed with a touch of pink, why? Because this stunning colour always brings an uplifting and joyful element to interiors, the pink hues are never ending in ideas for balancing a soft look with a pop of colour. Fuchsia La Vine Bold in Fuchsia Sunkiss had to be the perfect match, can you see how the neutral tones and pink pop compliment each other?! Beautifully simplistic, soothing and joyful at the same time, why would you not want to introduce colour to create such a beautiful living and positive mood!? ...

Feeling inspired!? Good ... That's what Frantasia Haze is here for. To give you inspiration to work with so many beautiful colours and to give you ideas how you can use of Top Designs and Products for your own Interior Transformations! Please get in touch if you would like any advice or to know any more on our range of products. Contact the Studio, we always love to hear from you.

Now, get your creative hat on, think colour, think beautiful and shop the Art print Collection... Have fun!

Speak Soon,

L x


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