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Indulge in a Colour Palette ...

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

It's one of my favourite parts to my design life ... Working with colour! How can it not be!?, so much colour to choose from and the colours you choose make each design individually come to life. It's what I look forward to working towards in the design process... To be able to indulge in a heavenly colour palette!

For the latest collection, Azaleas have been the focus, and if you know Azaleas, you will know an Azalea colour palette is one of the most stunning palettes of them all. From, Iris Lilac and Lavender Periwinkle with Rose Pink Tulip and Tangerine Honey Tones, I couldn't wait to get started on this new collection and indulge in all these glorious colours.

It's always hard for me to refine my chosen colour palette as I love colour too much and that's just who I am as a designer, so, I choose a few, what I call, highlight tones, these are the 'main event', the colours that will be most used. And then I finish with a sprinkle of lifting tones along the way, these are complimentary contrasting tones that elevate the design and complete the colour palette. A good use of colour is a must!

Frantasia Haze Studio. Frantasia Haze Sketch. Floral Illustration

When it's time to design and the illustrations are flowing ... All the inspiration follows... Colours continuously flying around my mind. So many ideas of which tones will look stunning within the illustration and how the colour tones will bring the art to life, gives me such a creative buzz. I always illustrate and sketch in pencil and fine line pen as I don't like to finalise a piece in colour, I believe the illustration can have so many levels to it's design, that being able to build the colour life to each piece digitally, is just creative magic!

So, it's the final finish to the collection over the next few weeks and bringing that beautiful Azalea colour palette into the pattern designs. I really cannot wait to launch this new collection ... I will keep you posted!

Speak soon,

L x


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