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Gouache Art Print Collection

It seems like a long time since I have worked with paints, It's usually pencil and shading for me when designing and then Illustrator or editing. But now I am exploring the world of paints again and loving working with Gouache...

Frantasia Haze Floral Art. Gouache Painting. Floral Artwork. Floral Art. Lilly Art. Lilly Illustration
In the Studio

Over the Summer I decided I needed more creative time away from the business, time to just be creative, not think about anything else on the to do list ... Just go with the creative flow. And with a bloom of beautifully inspiration after the birth of my beautiful baby daughter, the floral inspiration for the next collection began.

I painted many years ago and really enjoyed it, but over time my creative work brought me to just use the beauty of pencil, the simplicity of it is just beautiful! Now I am ready for the paints again, all that texture and colour to work with and I can not wait!

Frantasia Haze Floral Illustration. Harrogate Surface Pattern Designer

With the New Fabric Designs on the way and preparing for the 2022 Launch, I wanted to introduce a couple of New Art Print Collections. Over the Summer I had creative time to develop sketches, ideas and styles for new prints and after lots of creative thought, I will be introducing four New Art Print Collections in the New Year Launch ... The Floral Collection, Botanical Leaf Collection, Floral Hearts Collection and The Floral Abstract Collection. Four Fabulous Collections with each individual style that beautifully work together.

Some of the new art prints will introduce that Art Nouveau twist I have been working with in the latest collection and within the evolving style of Frantasia Haze. The first pieces I have been working on are for the Floral Collection, with the Lilly being the first Gouache painting. I will be editing and finishing this piece in Illustrator and then deciding on the final finishing looks. As you can see from the photos, Gouache paints have allowed me to add that delicate detail with a beautifully smooth blended finish, which is perfect for what I am wanting for the Floral Collection.

Each collection will have it's own individuality within it's simplicity and contemporary twists. I really am looking forward to launching the new art prints and continuing to work on each individual piece over the next couple of months. I haven't decided on a launch date just yet, I have made the decision to see how the creativeness goes and how far I have got with the collection over the next weeks. It's more important to me to make sure I am happy with each art work and the entire collection without having a launch date hanging over me.. But don't worry, I will be announcing a launch date early in the New Year!

Frantasia Haze Floral Illustration. Harrogate Surface Pattern Designer. Floral Art

I will keep you posted on the painting progress and how the Floral Collection is coming along. In the meantime, I best get a wiggle on as these weeks are flying by ... Now ... Where's my paints ...

Speak soon,

L x


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