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Fuchsia... Ooh La La... La Vine

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Fuchsia... Ooh La La... La Vine, that's what I say when I'm in the Studio with this fabulous design. Maybe I should have actually given it this name because this design is just all that fabulous, don't you think!?

Fuchsia La Vine was the second design I created for the Fuchsia Lilly collection, I knew when I was in the studio, sketching pencils out, hand to paper, I visioned the delicate stems softly draping with the most beautiful flowers. Enchanting subtle shapes and perfect flaws within it's natural beauty, I wanted to capture this as a design and create an ever blooming fuchsia flower. Within a few hours the illustration was coming to life and my vision for Fuchsia La Vine was starting to take shape. It was such a wonderful design to work on and I couldn't be happier with the final pattern.

Studio time ... Designing the vision ...

Now, the idea and vision is one aspect, then it's actually illustrating the ideas to produce the pattern and create the design. When all these elements have come together and I am super happy with the final piece, it's then deciding on the background colour, this is either an easy process that happily happens or... I can take a while to decide. Luckily with this design, the colours came together quite quickly and I didn't spend day's deciding, like sometimes I do.

I knew instantly with these colour tones that I had to work with them with this design and they just paired perfectly. The final fabulous four are, Bumblebee Honey, Lila, Maya Azure and Mint Leaf. These collection of colours bring elements of light, mid tones, sweet touches and a soothing essence, such a beautiful colour range to work with so many interior spaces. These colours work great in small confined spaces as well as bright and airy spaces, it's always the colour that uplifts a room. Changes it's perspective and gives it character that radiates through to you. Please tell me why anyone would not want these colours in their life!? Happy, uplifting, soothing, vibrant, positive ... If the room can make you smile, it's doing the right thing!

So, which will be your Fuchsia.. Ooh La La... La Vine design?! Will it be Bumblebee Honey, because this bumblebee honey yellow is so deliciously sweet? Maya Azure, because of it's indulgent captivating blue hue!? Or will it be Lilia, with it's soothing and luscious pastel radiance or Mint Leaf, because of it's natural beauty and calming sweet tone!? Decisions!

Let me know which is 'The Design' for you and your interiors?

Speak soon,

L x

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