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Frantasia Haze & Me

Hi Everyone, doesn't a little sunshine make such a difference!? It has been beautiful having the sunshine over the past few weeks, it always helps inspire my ideas when I see how beautiful nature turns through Spring, Summer. My ideas start blooming and I get illustrating new elements and creating pattern ideas for future collections. I have had a good early start with this, and the creative visions are flowing.

It has been a very busy few months and especially over the past couple of weeks, a super busy time with preparing the launch of the New Wings of Hibiscus Collection and the newly updated website. I always forget how much there is to do around these times and my to do list becomes far too long. However, I tackled the to do list and it is now complete and the New Collection is here, which I could not be happier with.

Frantasia Haze. Surface Pattern Designer. Harrogate Artist. Textiles Designer
Hello from the Studio : )

I absolutely adored working on this collection, just as much as Fuchsia Lilly. Working with new floral elements and seeing what new visions developed for the next pattern designs. I never completely know when designing what I am actually wanting in the design itself. Spending time working with the hand illustrated elements, developing and mixing these together to see what happens, sometimes ends up in the perfect design, which did happen within the Wings of Hibiscus Collection. When one designs created, the rest seem to follow ...

Frantasia Haze Pattern Designs, Fabric Designs, Surface Pattern Designer, Fabric Designer, Textiles Designer, Floral Pattern Design, Exclusive Pattern Designs, Harrogate Designer, Floral Illustrator
Four Exclusive Designs from the Wings of Hibiscus Collection

I am planning on launching two more fabric designs to the collection over the summer, I'v been inspired by by an oil painting sketch I have been working on and had a fabulous vision for a pattern design I would love to add to the collection. So look out for that!

Frantasia Haze Studio, Harrogate Interior Design, Floral Fabrics, Harrogate Fabrics, Surface Pattern Designer, Floral Illustration
Studio Mix, Wings of Hibiscus Collection

I will also be adding to the Art Print Collection, again with working on some Hibiscus paintings for the Studio, I'm going to see what creativeness happens when I use these paintings I have been working on, to develop these into another unique design for the Giclee Art Print Collection.

It was such fun working on the Wings of Hibiscus Art Prints, I really enjoy working with the individual elements and challenging myself to create unique designs. The collection came together well and that balance of detail and colour works beautifully throughout the collection, so, mixing and matching these prints will look fabulous! Just like this showstopping team ...

Frantasia Haze Art Prints, Floral Art Prints, Modern Art, Modern Art Prints, Floral Giclee Art Prints, Botanical Art Prints, Harrogate Artist, Floral Artist, Contemporary Artist
NEW Wings if Hibiscus Giclee Art Prints

All very exciting! Watch out over the next couple of weeks as the New Colour Match Wings of Hibiscus Collection will be available across the website. I am really looking forward to introducing these fabulous colour tones to you. The Fuchsia Lilly Colour Match Collection has proved so popular with you all, contrasting tones creating the perfect team with the Frantasia Haze floral pattern designs, it's going to be fabulous to have more bold colour beauty for you all to choose from.

Frantasia Haze Fabrics, Floral Fabrics, Fabric Designer, Surface Pattern Designer, Harrogate Interior Fabrics, Interior Fabric, Colourful Fabric, Bold Fabric, Floral Fabric, Luxury Fabrics
Hibiscus in Bloom, Hibiscus Berry from £74.99 per metre

On the horizon over the course of the Summer, Frantasia Haze has some very exciting new products launching. Just to give you a little insight... You will be seeing the New Textiles Fabric Range, which I am super excited about launching, having the exclusive floral designs available for textiles use is a going to be so fabulous and I can not wait to see what you stylish fashionistas choose to design with these fabrics! Along side this, you will be seeing the soft furnishing kitchen range, essential must have's! And my exclusive greeting card and wrapping paper range. Sounding fabulous don't you think!? More floral luxury for you and your interiors!

Also throughout the Summer, Frantasia Haze has some exciting projects and collaborations in the mix. We are able to get back and involved with interior styling projects and super styling with the Frantasia Haze product range! We will be working with some fabulous businesses on new collaboration projects, and more design inspiration to help you design a colourful living. I honestly can not wait to share all this with you!


As for me, I have been busy enjoying more time in the garden, thankfully to this beautiful weather. A lot of the flowers are starting to bloom, I love seeing these change everyday, especially my Tulips, these are in full bloom at the moment and look stunning. I have a few new plants that I haven't seen flower yet from last Summer, they all have buds waiting to bloom and I am looking forward to seeing all that beautiful floral detail and colour. My gorgeous dog, Ruby, also enjoys pottering around the garden and we have had fun chasing after her toys as she has been enjoying the warmer weather too!

Garden Tulips, Red Tulips
Garden Tulips

I have also been looking at some new Summer walks to do across the year, we have a Britain's Best Walks book we are slowly getting through, I'm looking forward to these walks, lot's more inspiration and a good re charge of the batteries with beautiful nature, fresh air and stunning views! I can not wait! Not forgetting a few Summer wines and eat outs at our favourite places, I think we are all happy and hopeful for a definite better Summer this year!

As for me, it is also only a few weeks away until baby will be arriving, I cannot believe how fast it has gone, we cannot wait to meet this little human and take them on our adventures! 😍

So, a lot is going on, lots to get organised and plenty to keep me busy ... Not a lot has changed here then! Exciting times ahead, I will keep you posted!

Speak Soon,

L x


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