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Frantasia Haze & Me

It seems a while ago since I last did a Frantasia Haze and Me post, so much always happens in-between and before I know it, we are coming to the end of another month and it's time for me to post and let you all know what's been going on and what's going to be going on!

How are you all!? I hope you are all still keeping well in theses crazy times!? Well ... What a few months! Although with everything going on around us, I have managed to keep Frantasia Haze going, with a BIG Thank You to all my fabulous customers, if I could give you all a hug, I would! During these times, I have been able to continue developing products and designs. It's safe to say this has kept me sane and without design, I don't know what I would have done! I have used more focus time on illustration and sketching to help keep my mindset clear and in general, to keep clam and positive.

Because of this extra time spent on designing, I am further ahead with my new 2021 Collection, which is great to say and I am really excited to start uploading my illustrations and start getting creative with patterns. The visions for the next designs are already set in my mind, but saying this, they do change as I am playing around with different elements and the pattern turns into something completely different than my original design thoughts. But that's one of the reasons I love designing, you never know where the creativity will take you!

Studio Design Time, New Collection

It has been great over the last couple of weeks because I have actually had more design time. I am always saying I will set aside more time to illustrate and sketch, but sometimes the three day intention becomes, two or even one day. As you will all know, things do pop up and take that time instead. The design days have flowed though and I have adored working with these new design elements and to test my creativity and visions for new ideas. Another absolute favourite flower of mine is the Hibiscus and I am very excited to let you know this is the main focus for the next collection. I shall say no more just yet, but here are some ideas I have been working with in the Studio!

I raced down the stairs this week to receive my new fabric delivery, to open the box and see so many beautifully printed fabrics. It doesn't matter how many times I see the same fabric printed, I always fall in love with them again! Over the next couples of weeks I will be taking some photography of the new fabrics in the Studio and it will be great to show you more images of the collection. These colours are just so delicious aren't they!? ...

You will have seen Frantasia Haze has launched it's first Homeware Collection, I was super excited about this and the first products have proved popular, which has been wonderful to see. The next homeware delivery will be arriving in October, with even more luxury products to decorate your home with. I have been waiting for some of these items to come back in stock, they have and they are on the way to the Frantasia Haze Studio. So, October will be busy launching these onto the website, keep a look out!

One of the Top Homeware Products since the launch has been the stunning Luxe Scented Candle Trio, just beautiful! You can see why these have been so popular, only two left in stock, don't miss out!

So, what's next for October!? It's busy at Frantasia Haze with the latest fabric delivery and awaiting the next homeware products. I will be focusing alot on design and the new collection along with developing the 2021 year plan. It might sound crazy talking about the new year, but it's really not that far away and next year will be another big year for Frantasia Haze, the more organised I can get, the better!

What about me, what have I been upto!? (Other than Frantasia Haze) Well, with last few day's of summer sun, I did manage to go for a few beautiful walks. We did the stunning Runswick Bay walk which is one of Britain's Best Walks. I have to say... It was just beautiful! It was quiet and our gorgeous dog, Ruby, absolutely loved the adventure. Think it's safe to safe that might be the last long summer walk of the year. But I will look forward to the cold, frosty short walks, I would have to admit I do like a clear skied cold winters day, probably one of my favourite days of the year.

Other than the walks, it's been house decorating, when we can, and I have actually started painting again, not just the house, but canvas painting. I have nearly finished with a painting I have been playing around with, I will show you soon, see what you think...

Keep Smiling and Stay Colourful!

L x


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