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Frantasia Haze & Me

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hello and Happy June! I had planned to do my Frantasia Haze & Me post two weeks ago, but time has just flown by and here we are, towards the end of June already. My goodness it goes fast! I hope you are all keeping positive still, it seems to be slowly moving towards what they call a "normal life", whatever that may be!? It's good to see movement in the right direction and I am super looking forward to the day I can visit and spend a full day with my family and friends (well maybe just an afternoon would be enough)!

So, what has Frantasia Haze & Me been up to... Well obviously it has all been slightly different over the last couple of months. Frantasia Haze has used this time to make changes and updates to the website, which is looking great and a lot of time has been spent on new ideas and future collections, which is super exciting.

I always intend to spend more time sketching and designing new ideas, which I have been doing and I have some very exciting illustrations I am working on for some fabulous new collections. New flowers, new details and new elements. My portfolio of design elements is ever growing and I always love looking back at old illustrations, noticing detailed features and aspects I can use within new illustrations and in my designing. You could even say my ideas are ever bursting and the more I illustrate the more I love it and the visions and inspiration for designs just go wild! I absolutely adore designing, it always brings a massive smile to my face.

Studio Time ...

Thankfully, our Frantasia Haze Local Art Print Supplier along with our Fabric Supplier have been able to continue with orders, slower delivery times but it has been a big deal for us to continue using them during these uncertain and crazy times. We have still been able to process orders for our fabulous customers ... Which means a lot! Luckily our Frantasia Haze team has been local and working in safe environments to continue hand making our exclusive cushions. Despite all of this, I will be glad, as I am sure you are, when these times have passed and we are back to a better working flow for our Customers, Suppliers and Frantaisa Haze. Just to clarify, we are still taking orders for our fabulous Fabrics, Art Prints and Cushions. As I mentioned, delivery times are still running slower than usual, but we will get your products to you! If you do have any questions, please contact the Studio.

Speaking of Art Prints ... Did you know about the fabulously NEW Abstract Essence Collection!? Have you seen it!? If you haven't, you must! That's right, it's out now! I absolutely loved working on these designs, quite different from my other art prints, but that was the intention. The idea behind the designs, it was simple, Bold, Vibrant and Minimalist. What do you think? Do you love? You can read more about the Abstract Essence collection over on one of my recent post, Stylish Living... NEW . Let me know what you think!?

What to watch out for!? I have two new designs coming your way in July, the final two designs for the Fuchsia Lilly Collection, I really can not wait to show you. You can see a little peek at one of the designs below, I had to give you a little glimpse. August will be another exciting month as Frantasia Haze is looking at a homeware collection launch... A fabulous collection of homeware accessories you will just love! Are you a lover of vases or candle holders? Then you will be wanting to shop these when they arrive! I won't tease you anymore, but... I do have another exclusive collection Frantasia Haze is looking at launching in October too ... I will keep posted on these developments!

What about me? What have I been upto? Well, as for many of you, the house has been a priority and we have been able to make big progress in decorating. Still a while to go yet before the house is some what finished, it's getting closer though and I am very excited to start the accessorising, it's the finishing touches I love to work on! I am in my element now, I just need to find the products I am visioning and that can take some time, especially when you know exactly what you want but you can't seem to find it anywhere, happened to you? I'm sure it has. It's happened to me twice so far... But I won't give up, I know they are out there!

Obviously, like all of us, I have been spending more time at home and less time in a coffee shop, so, I have been working on my coffee making skills and making the best homemade Latte, Mocha and Cappuccinos I can. It has been quite fun actually and I think my homemade versions are pretty good! I will keep working on them and I could do a Homemade Coffee Post at some point, show you what they look like. I will add that to the todo list. I have also been meaning to get back to painting, I painted years ago, I loved working with oil paints and occasionally water colours. I thought why not start again, I had the urge to paint ... So, I got the old art set out, easel, paints, canvases ... then I realise I have no paint brushes ... To be continued then ...

Speak soon, Stay Positive,

L x


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