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How are we all doing? May is one of my favourite months, why? Because nature is blooming, the greenery is looking deliciously crisp and sweet, the flowers are budding and starting to bloom in all their glory and nature seems happier. The birds are singing early in the morning and the sun brings it's yellow glow to create stunning landscapes and much needed time outside for us (and it's my birthday month)!

It has been quite an eventful few months for Frantasia Haze, you might have noticed we have made some changes across the website and products. It has been so wonderful to receive some of our orders and have them in the studio. The first batch of fabric arrived a few weeks ago and you will have seen new photography of the fabrics across the website, which is great to see. I am always super excited the day I know I will be receiving a delivery, I am up early, ready and beaming to see the products. As soon as that door bell goes, I am like lighting down those stairs!

I have many more delivery's on the way over the next few weeks, more fabrics, art prints and new packaging products. These are going to be great to have in the studio and to show you all the exiting developments! One big development Frantasia Haze has made over the last month is change our cushions. Yes, we are bringing back home our Signature cushions. All our exclusive cushions are designed and created in Harrogate by the Frantasia Haze Team, only the finest Frantasia Haze fabrics and finishes are used and they look fabulous! I am currently working on the new photography in the studio for the cushion designs and you will see developments of this over the next few weeks, which is exciting!

Another fabulous development has been our Art Prints, you may have seen in a previous post, Frantasia Haze has new local art print supplier. This is super fabulous for Frantasia Haze and I couldn't be happier with the new Art Prints ... Rather than me waffle on again about the art prints, pop over to the Love Your Walls post and that will fill you in on everything!

It's a busy month in May, Frantasia Haze is working to continue on uploading the fabric photography, start uploading the new cushion photography and we also have new art print photography being finished. You will be surprised at how long all these little changes need and take. So keep your eye out for all these changes!

So, what about me ... What have I been up to? Well, I have to say, the last few months have been quite extraordinary with the currant Pandemic we find ourselves in. I have tried to use this extra time at home to get on top of all those little house jobs, like finishing the painting in the hall way, doing a big spring clean and getting some shelves up. I have actually spent quite a lot of time in the garden with the weather being so beautiful, we have repainted the shed and fence, new plants have been planted, the garden hasn't looked so good and it actually feels great to have achieved so much in the house already!

During this isolated time, I can manage without going out for coffee and cakes, cocktails and shopping, but I have probably struggled most with not being able to visit the family, not being able to give them a hug and just enjoy that time with them, even if it was five minutes or a full afternoon. But I have to say it has been funny with our family and friends dong video calls, just as chaotic as if you are all in the room together, everyone talking over each other, no one knows who's talking to who, but it's a good giggle!

I have also made some more me time in, time to rethink and relax. One new thing which I have started, is Yoga. I used to do Yoga years ago but just slowly stopped and I remembered how much I enjoyed it then, so, I have restarted Yoga and I love it, I find it so calming and a peaceful focus. It is my aim to continue my Yoga journey, I will let you know how that one goes! I have also started reading again, reading is something I love dong but never ever seem to have the time to do it. It sounds crazy to think I have never fit time in to read, but when I have had a full day in the office or studio, sort the house out and make dinner, I just want to flake out! But I am doing it... I have a new book on the Psychology of Colour, very interesting and I am loving the reading time! Have you started anything new? Or restarted something you remembered you enjoyed?

Anyway, that's the low down so far on Frantasia Haze and Me, I will keep you posted on the new developments and when the deliveries arrive! Remember to keep smiling and keep social! L x

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