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Frantasia Haze & Me

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

It's here... Been ... And nearly gone, August you have gone so fast and we are on our way to welcoming Autumn. What a month you have been though, both for Frantasia Haze and Me!

So what has August been for us, a super busy month and a very exciting one! I have made some fabulous updates to the website and really happy with the developments so far, planning and events have been organised, coming along well for soon to come events, which I am looking forward to announcing nearer the time. But the main August event has been the Fabulous Launch of the NEW Art Print Collection!

The NEW Art Print Collection is Here!

That's right, I am now the proud owner of my very own art print collection, and what a fabulous feeling! What an amazing time I have had designing these prints, it's been a challenging creative adventure... And you can't beat one of those. The three Top Notes to myself during this process have been ... 1) Colour palette, make it pop, 2) Define and refine the individual elements and lastly 3) Design to spread the Interior Smiles so my fabulous customers and clients can show their walls some love!

Yep ... I was in for another photoshoot... again I am not a fan of posing or trying to be serious, there's not many photos where I am not laughing or smiling... So I like to be fun and be myself, which is what you can see... Just popping to say hello!

Enough about Frantasia Haze ... What about me, well the house is slowly coming along. We have actually spent a lot more time working on the garden with it being such lovely weather, there will be enough time in the winter to continue painting and it's been great to choose some new plants and start to see them establish. I can not wait to see them all next summer and how well they have done, I must do a garden post one day, show you my garden designing! But Let me tell you a bit about my little escape and adventure ....

One of my favourite things I have done this month is going for a beautiful escape to the Lake District, it has be to one of my favourite places to visit. Our main event was hiking up 'The Old Man' in Coniston, what an amazing walk and challenging hike, the stunning views and fresh air was just beautiful. We don't usually do such an intense walk/hike but we wanted to try and I am so happy I did it, to get to the top and see the views was incredible!

Sometimes you just need the fresh air and a beautiful distraction and this escape was just that! We also treated ourselves to a Spa experience with a Mud Rasual, perfect to relax and rest the legs after our 4 hour hike, with half an hour in the Thermal Pool ... We couldn't have been anymore relaxed and revitalized!

So after a beautiful escape and feeling refreshed and revitalized ... Back in the office I am and planning for a busy September with more exciting designs and new product launches on the way. There is a lot going on in the next couple of months and my next planned escape is not until the end of October ... Which I will be very much ready for!

It's been lovely to update you on my Frantasia Haze & Me post again and I hope you have had a fabulous August and looking forward to September, speak to you soon!

Love, L x


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