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Frantasia Haze & Me

A BIG Hello from the Studio! It seems like a long time since I did a Frantasia Haze and Me post, It's been a very busy start to 2022 and none stop in the Studio, but this week is a very lovely creative week. A week I can relax a little bit more and enjoy all the creativeness, (my favourite kind of week!).

Frantasia Haze. Harrogate Surface Pattern Designer. Textile Designer

One of the main tasks on the to do list for the new year was the new website updates, and I couldn't be happier to finally have the refreshed new look and updates published. It's been a busy few months working on the changes and the team has created a beautiful updated, refreshed version of the website. So all of my wonderful customers can have an even better browsing experience on the desktop or on the move!

Sometimes it feels like my days are filled with more admin and computer based jobs, but it always balances out, I make sure of it. So, as I mentioned above, it's a very lovely creative week for me and with the next few weeks being fabulously creative too... Happy Days!

I am working on the final finishes to the new collection along with some new illustrations and art work. I do try and stick to an order of what will be the day focus, however, it does depend on how I am feeling and what sort of creative mood I am in. So, I leave it until the morning to decide on the day's creative focus, makes it a little bit more fun too.

Frantasia Haze Design. Floral Sketch. Azalea Art

With the new collection nearly complete, illustration work being illustrated, It's coming up to having more time spent on the art work. It's been on my to do list for a while now working with acrylics and having a contemporary abstract view towards this side of my work. I haven't yet had much time to explore this creative work and I am very much looking forward to having this time to relax in a new creative space and see what happens with the art work itself. I will of course keep you posted on the progress and show you how the new work is coming along. Let's hope my plans for the next three weeks of creativeness keep its promise so I can really get into my creative flow!

What about me!? ... My days being Mama to my beautiful daughter are just as precious as ever and loving everyday, it's just amazing to see her blossom, these 10 months have flown by and I am looking forward to a wonderful Summer with lots of adventures! With Frantasia Haze being none stop and being a busy Mama, I have been trying to find the time to actually ... Switch off. It's harder than you think!

As much as I love my work and being a Mama, I still need me time and time to just zen out, so it's been a focus of mine to find some space to just do nothing or something that doesn't involve a lot of brain power. ..... I have started reading more but also using some time to just listen to calming music and relax, this has really helped me to zen. You sometimes forget these little moments and time taken to switch off does make all the different and there is enough hours in the day to make that time. I have been feeling a lot more relaxed because of it and I now make it part of my daily routine! Maybe you should try it too!?

Catch up soon,



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