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Frantasia Haze & Me

Hello July, how lovely to see you again and what a beautiful month you are!

Well... What a few months it has been so far for Frantasia Haze, I can not believe it all only started in April, when the journey of the pattern designs begun. And now we are here in July, a month that always inspires me, with it's fully bloomed blooms of floral beauty and masses of evergreens greener than they have been all year... such a beautiful time.

What have I been upto? Well over the past few weeks I have been finishing two new designs launching this month, which are joining the Jungle Flower Collection. I just have one design to decide on the final background colour and away we go! I have gone for deeper jungle tones for these background design colours, which I think compliment and contrast beautifully with my previous brighter tones iv used. But I haven't forgotten to add some splashes of Frantasia Haze colour luxury, I am looking forward to getting these designs launched for you all to see! I have a little snapshot of one of the designs below, not giving too much away, but here's a little peek:

I have also been busy in the design studio, sketching final elements for my next collection, it has to be one of my most favourite things to do in the world and that's drawing... I love it! I can zone out for hours and just be in peaceful bliss and content happiness, it's a beautiful place to be!

When I was in this zone I was taken back to my inspired love for one of my favourite flowers, lilies and I imagined what a beautiful match lilies would be with fuchsias. Another extraordinary beautiful flower, full of the most beautiful detail... So there I had it, the next collection... and here is some of the elements I have started to design...

And then I have the house challenge, which has taken a slight back step with me being so busy and we have had quite a few weekends taken up with getaways or friends and family events. It is going well, baby steps at the moment, I am hoping to have a good few weekends on it now. It takes time with samples and making sure you've chosen the right colours for the walls and you can not forget new furniture and accessories.

I am still altering one of the wallpapers I'm using in the living room, I have sent off for one more sample which hopefully will be 'the one'. Then I will feel we have made massive progress and final steps for the living room. I will do an updated post on the house challenge soon with lots of pictures to show you the progress.

It's going to be another busy few weeks and month ahead, one thing I am really happy and excited to have set up is the sample option for the fabrics. This is great for all my clients to see the fabrics and have a better vision of how it will look. So if you want to sample any of my fabrics .... you can now!

I can not forgot to mention how excited I am that my Art Prints are launching soon, I have been working on some individual Art Prints that are inspired by my fabric collection. I have a few finishes to do, but not long until I launch these! Another addition to my homeware collection that I really wanted to do.

So that's me, I will look forward to updating you next month with my Frantasia Haze and me post. See what else I have been upto, hopefully my house challenge post with be live.

Speak Soon,

L x


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