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Frantasia Haze & Me

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Hello January 2020 ... You crept up very fast, but you are looking Fabulous! A Big Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year, I hope you have found time to relax and re-charge those batteries! I haven't done a Fantasia Haze & Me post for a while, the past few months have gone so fast and I have been super busy, I didn't realise... So Hello ...

Frantasia Haze
2020 We Are Ready For You!!!

After re-charging the Fantasia Haze batteries and new diary in hand, I am feeling fully organised and ready to take on the new year! So, what have I been up to? well I had a lovely break over Christmas, visiting family and eating more in one sitting than I usually do in a day, catching up on watching the films iv seen three times before but still love them and just enjoyed a complete relax.

The house challenge took a slight shelf space, but I am back on it now and I am excited to say the first new sofa is in and looking fabulous! I have also ordered the first Fantasia Haze wallpaper which is going to be dressing a feature wall in the living room, this I can not wait for. The living room colours are coming together, Eden Green and Sunshine Honey Glow! I LOVE these colours and I will be doing a House Challenge post in the next couple of months, show you all how it's coming together. But until then, you will just have to wait!

Frantasia Haze
Bring on The Designs ...

Even though this is going to be a super busy year, I have planned some holidays to break the year up and make sure I keep on top of re-energsing, keeping the ideas flowing and taking time to just, breathe. I love my job and what I do, but you always need some time to enjoy doing nothing, and just .... switching off. I will keep you updated on the adventures and me time as they happen.

So, on to Frantasia Haze and, well, what a fabulous year it was for Frantasia Haze in 2019, Fantasia Haze was only launched in April 2019 and it's been a fabulously colourful journey so far! I have built up the beautiful collection of interior products now available, including Fabrics, Furniture, Cushions, Art Prints, Clocks and Lighting. I am very happy with the selection of products and so pleased with the feedback from everyone!

Fantasia Haze has had a wonderful start and I am excited to continue the colourful journey and introducing some new products and exciting to introduce a brand new collection to 2020. I have had some fabulous design days working on the new collection and I am looking forward to the launch this year. New floral beauty enriched with colour... I can not wait! It will also be Fantasia Haze's first Birthday this year, so plans are on the way to celebrate in style, I will keep you posted on that one! Following in the year is going to be a new mini brand to Frantasia Haze... I know... Exciting... All I will say is... Fashion Must Haves! Lots on the way to get these exciting new plans ready for the big launch, super looking forward to launching this with you and really can not wait to see what you think!

Frantasia Haze Design Sketches
New Designs for 2020 ...

Before all of this is the first big event this year starting in February, not long to go and I am heading off to Birmingham for the Small Business Sunday Awards, last year Fantasia Haze won the SBS award from Theo Paphitis. And we are going for a few days of Networking and collecting my award certificate and a picture with Theo himself, which is very exciting! I am looking forward to meeting lots of new businesses, I have met so many lovely people over the Frantasia Haze journey so far, and lots of new people over social media platforms through the Small Business Sunday win, but it is always better to put names to faces and get to know the person behind the business. Really looking forward to some great networking and meeting great people!

One huge achievement for Frantasia Haze is completing the first Collection and I am so happy to have The Jungle Flower Collection being the first Collection to launch the Frantasia Haze colourful journey and be the first designs to start the interior collection. And what a collection... Filled with vibrant colours, delicate hand drawn details and bold elements!

The final design to the collection is Beauteous Jungle, such a wild, bold design, which is just what I was wanting to create. Iv tried to use the elements in different ways in each design and it always fascinates me how even one element can create so many different patterns. Just like the Beauteous Jungle design which has finished off the collection perfectly and the colour combinations just bring smiles to my face every time and I hope they do for you too!

Right... That's me... I could waffle on more but we would be here for a while. I'm looking forward to sharing the New Year with you and the exciting times ahead.

Speak soon,

L x


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