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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

One thing for certain is that Frantasia Haze is all about the Fabrics! I live for design and being so inspired by nature, the beautiful details and colours that surround me, enable me to create the Frantasia Haze pattern designs and show how nature and it's surroundings make me feel through the style I create. Nature and it's beauty just make me happy, colour makes me happy and being able to design such inspired creations and print them on luxurious fabrics for you and your homes, makes me even more happy.

The vision I had for Fuchsia Lilly was vibrant, bold and contemporary. Eye catching tones and enchanting shapes. The fabrics I chose for each design is so important as it adds to the pattern and life of the design. The natural grains and weaves in the materials elevate the shapes and movement of the elements, this is important to me that the design is paired with the right fabric and they go on to create showstopping interiors... Here is three of the Top Designs from the Fuchsia Lilly Collection ...

Fuchsia Lilly In Fuchsia Tropics Printed on Chenille Fabric

Lilia Bloom in Lilia Sky Printed on Cotton Half Panama

Fuchsia La Vine in Bumblebee Honey Printed on Cotton Warp Satin

For the Fuchsia Lilly Collection I chose to print with a Cotton Warp Satin which is a beautifully stunning fabric that is just pure luxury to see and feel printed, it teamed with the elegant Fuchsia La Vine design and together created an elegant luxurious fabric print. I also used a Cotton Half Panama, I absolutely love the fabric weave in this material and really thought it paired beautifully with the Lilia Bloom print. And new to the Frantasia Haze Fabric Team is an absolute stunner... Chenille... And Oh WOW indeed! The main design to the collection Fuchsia Lilly was chosen to be printed on this beautiful fabric, because of it's distinctive grain and pure luxuriousness. It's distinctive grain and slight glimmer give the design an element it deserves and shows off the print to it's maximum.

I have the fabrics on order to use in my studio and I can not wait to share the images with you when they arrive! I will be sure to do a new post with all the beautiful designs together!

Recently, Frantasia Haze has also been working on our Colour Match Collection. A super exciting collection that I am so happy to be launching and developing. The Colour Match Collection is a collection that I was inspired to do with my love of Fabric and Interior Design. Although I love the Frantasia Haze Prints and love the occasional print on print with more print clash, it is also important to soften and break the patterns up with some bold block colour luxury. Which is what I have exactly done!

I have chosen four exclusive Colour Match tones for the Fuchsia Lilly Designs that pair beautifully with each and every pattern in the collection. Carefully chosen colours have been picked to be the 'IT' Frantasia Haze Colour Match colours and they are looking fabulous! You can chose these colours in a mix of our luxury fabrics, from the (New Stunner), Chenille, Shimmer Velvet (Oh My Goodness, Just WOW) and our (Check You Out) Cotton Half Panama. Three of my most favourite fabrics to work with!

I am also waiting on the Colour Match Fabric order for the Studio, so I can show you just how beautiful these colours are printed! I will keep you posted on all these exciting fabric updates, in the meantime, don't forget to check out the Frantasia Haze Fabric Look Book!

Speak Soon,

L x


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