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Design of The Month

How do I kick start January 2020 with the Design of the Month!? Well ... It needs to be a design full of uplifting energy, to start the year off well, a design with a bold mix of floral elements and striking shapes, to show the new year who's boss and a design that brings a daring streak, to bring out that little interior dare devil inside you! A design to encourage and bring confidence in colour for you and your home ...

So... Which design made it!? ... It HAD to be from the latest design, Beauteous Jungle... Parakeet ...

Beauteous Jungle in Parakeet, Fantasia Haze Pattern Design
Beauteous Jungle in Parakeet

Can you see why I had to choose this design? Uplifting energy, check, bold floral mix, check ... and striking shapes, yes, yes and YES! This design is the January 2020 design, how can this indulgent parakeet green not uplight your mood and bring energy to your interiors! If my eyes could glow with hearts ...Then they would!

I am very happy to let you know, Beauteous Jungle in Parakeet is available in the Exclusive Frantasia Haze Silk Cushion Collection, featuring this beautiful honey gold braid piping. A Show Stopping Cushion Design to bring your seating to life!

Are you looking for bold, vibrant and contemporary curtains? Well ... Buy the Beauteous Jungle fabric and get them made! Curtains don't have to be boring, turn them into a feature, make your room pop! Beauteous Jungle has been designed on a beautiful Cotton Warp Satin, stunning!

Colour Tip: Bring the Parakeet green home and energise your interiors with an added pop of Sun Glow ... These two colours look fabulous together and work in colour heaven! Find the Frantasia Haze Shimmer Velvet Cushion in Sun Glow and make an unbeatable colour team!

Speak soon,



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