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Design of The Month!

Recently I launched the fifth design to Jungle Flower Collection, Floral Maze. And I had to make this Design of The Month, why? Because of it's delicate floral silhouettes that wrap around the jungle tulip flowers with embracing stem twists. Enriched with beautiful colour ... vibrant carnival orange, lilac lavender tones and a sweet cerise pink... How could this not be design of the month!

Floral Maze in Pink Plum

From the stunning colour collection in Pink Plum, Silver Mist, Prussian Night and Carnival Orange, there is colour to suit all interior spaces, colour to liven up your living and brighten up those boring corners. Bring them all to life with the NEW Floral Maze Design!

A design I have loved working on, working with the Jungle Flower elements, designing and creating something new. Floral Maze is a fabulous addition to the Collection and a design that will continue to bring smiles to your interiors ...

Floral Maze in Carnival Orange

Carnival Orange is show stopping beautiful, vibrant, bold and beaming with life, let this print and colour take you away to a carnival of paradise and imagine you live there all day everyday. Perfect place to be isn't it!?

Create that perfect space right at home and live in a carnival of paradise everyday ... Bring the colour in and make it part of your home, designed to make you and your interiors smile. Floral Maze is printed on a Luxury Cotton Warp Satin, a beautiful ultra-smooth fabric that has a luxurious look and feel to make stunning interiors!

Floral Maze in Silver Mist

Above, Silver Mist has a soft and calming tone, but still bringing a beautiful colour mix from the floral design. This colour print offers a more subtle yet charming characterful side to the print which works beautifully with the delicate floral shapes and embracing elements.

Following this colour, say hello to Prussian Night, a fabulous colour that really brings out the colour mix in the print. It's richness in the Prussian Night tone holds itself beautifully and uplifts the design, creating a striking look!

I am so happy to have added Floral Maze to the Jungle Flower Collection, I think it is a beautiful design to the collection with a new twist and I really enjoyed working on this design. I hope you like this design too, let me know, leave a comment or contact me via social media. I am always happy to hear from you and finding our which are your favourite designs and why.

Speak Soon,



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