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Design Launch

I am super excited and happy to now say the latest designs to The Wings of Hibiscus Collection have launched! You can find three new Fabulously Floral additions to the already Fabulously Floral Hibiscus Fabric Collection!

These additional designs had not been planned, I was inspired by a creative moment in the Studio. After working on a few illustration and painting projects based around the Hibiscus flower, I had new creative pattern design visions that inspired me that much, I just had to design these and get them added to the Wings of Hibiscus Collection ...

It's been great fun working on these designs and it was great to design as the creative ideas flowed. No over thinking or planning, I just had a creative vision straight from the first Hibiscus painting I did, and within one week the bases of these designs had been created... Two weeks later we have the design launch!

With every collection I like to work on illustrations and paintings based around the floral studies for the design focus. Not all of the illustrations, paintings or elements I design will be used, it's just a great way to creatively explore ideas and inspire my creative mind. Sometimes the smallest of elements can inspire a whole design concept, it could just be a petal, leaf or a colour tone.

I absolutely love the unknown about designing, it always surprises me still, years later how I never truly know what will happen during the design process. So, you could say all the designs are just as much as a surprise to me as they are to you when they are launched!

Studio Time

Studio Time

A few illustrations, paintings and with the creative buzz, new designs are created ... Say Hello to Hibiscus Summer, Hibiscus Leaf and Garden of Hibiscus...

Frantasia Haze Fabric Designs. Surface Pattern Designer Harrogate. Floral Fabric
Summer Hibiscus
Bold Curtain Fabric. Colourful Fabric. Interior Fabric, Harrogate
Hibiscus Leaf, Apricot Sunrise
Frantasia Haze Interior Design. Fabrics, Harrogate Interiors. Surface Pattern Designer.
Garden of Hibiscus, Satin Petals

So, Wings of Hibiscus has a stunningly fabulous collection of designs with a beautiful mix of Hibiscus floral beauty wrapped in indulgent colour! And I have now just made it even more difficult for you to decide which design for what room ... Sorry!

Be social and let me know which is your favourite design and why, I always love to hear from you!

Speak Soon,



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